Telegram, possible to recover deleted messages

With the update to version 5.2 Telegram itroduces a lot of new features, such as the ability to undo the deletion of messages. Here's how it works

Gained famous for its special attention to privacy and its encryption features, the messaging app Telegram has grown in popularity proposing itself as a concrete alternative to the domain of Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. The success of Telegram is also due to the features offered to users, such as the ability to delete messages sent by mistake (feature released to users well before WhatsApp).

From today, the application is enriched with a new tool: with the update to version 5.2 is introduced the ability to undo the deletion of sent messages. In this way it will be possible to restore immediately, within 5 seconds, a message deleted by mistake: a dialog box will open to restore the chat and send the text to the sender. The feature was designed for all those who out of haste or distraction delete a sent message.

Update 5.2.0: what's new

Not only the recovery of messages, but also changes in the management of groups: the latest Telegram update makes life easier for administrators, allowing you to restrict within groups the sharing of specific content (such as GIFs or stickers), up to even limit the sending of messages by members.

The maximum number of members present in a Telegram group is doubled, going from 100,000 to 200,000 members. New GUI for groups, including settings screens, admin panels, and member lists.

From now on, you can also make the group public with a tap, add administrators with special functions, and activate the permanent history. Finally, novelties for content uploading. The operation is much faster than in the past and the animations that appear when the user is uploading multimedia content have also changed.

How to access the new features?

To be able to download the latest version of Telegram you need to access the App Store (iOS) or the Google Play Store and download the update.

The new group permissions are also active on Telegram Desktop, and version 1.5.8 introduces support for automatic file and music downloads and choice of input and output devices for Telegram calls.