Telegram punta sul movimento: arrivano gli sfondi animati personalizzabili

L'ultima versione di Telegram punta tutto sul movimento: dopo l'annuncio delle videochiamate di gruppo, ecco che arrivano gli sfondi animati personalizzabili e le emoji animate


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L’ultimo aggiornamento di Telegram ha portato con sé alcune divertenti novità. Users of the messaging app can give a new look to their conversations via the app by starting to take advantage of animated and customizable backgrounds in their chats, as well as other interesting design integrations to be discovered.

The app has always had a keen eye for graphic style. This is not the first time that users have the opportunity to interact with its characterizing elements: it had already happened in the past with stickers and animated emoji, just to name a few. On this occasion, however, in Telegram's headquarters they wanted to make things big by focusing on a detail - and a type of interaction - particularly important, such as the background image of the chats. For this, an advanced system was made that can be modified at will, in order to make the app closer to the user's tastes.

Telegram, how animated backgrounds work

Customizable animated backgrounds had never been introduced before in a messaging app. They are multicolored, gradient patterns that are generated by a special algorithm that applies a particular movement in conjunction with sending a message.

The animations created by Telegram's designers have already been added to the default themes available within the app. On Android, you can find them by navigating to the menu Chat Settings > Change Chat Background; on iOS, however, the path is Appearance > Chat Background.

If these should not be enough or meet the needs of users, the platform offers the possibility to make new ones, to share with your friends. To do so, it is sufficient to set up three or four different shades in the options required to give life to the animation; then you can choose a pattern, that is, small designs superimposed on the color gradations. Once you've completed the steps, you can proceed to forward them to your contacts, who can in turn use them in the same chat or in further conversations.

Telegram, the other graphic novelties

The animated backgrounds are not the only graphic gimmick of the release. In fact, stickers and emoji (increased in number with the update) have also undergone a small but useful change, with lower battery consumption when sending via message. And just the bubbles that contain messages, on Cupertino's operating system, become semi-transparent, allowing the background to be seen at the top and bottom of the conversation. Also on iOS, the available icons increase, visible in Settings > Appearance.