Telegram stickers, where to find them and how to download them

Do you want to add new Telegram stickers to your collection? Much easier than you think: you just need to know the site from which to download them

For quite some time now, Telegram, an instant messaging service created primarily to set up business chats and private communications secure (messages are encrypted), is used on par with WhatsApp and other similar apps for chatting with friends and to send each other funny messages.

Among the many features, Telegram stickers are one of the most appreciated by users of the messaging app designed by Pavel Durov. And it is not a coincidence that WhatsApp has integrated them in the second half of 2018 "inspired" by those present in Telegram. In recent years have sprouted like mushrooms websites that collect and publish collections of stickers for Telegram, ready to install and use in their most informal conversations. In between there is everything: from the Simpsons to Star Wars, through vampires and Turkish celebrities. But where to find stickers for Telegram and how to easily install them in the application?

Where to find stickers for Telegram

Web sites where to find Telegram stickers are now very many. The most famous are four:

These four sites are probably the ones with the richest archive of Telegram stickers, but a quick Google search can help you find other sites that, perhaps, have some goodies worth adding to your collection.

How to install new stickers on Telegram

Once you've found the set of stickers you like best, all you have to do is install it. In the vast majority of cases, just click on the link accompanying the set and confirm that you want to add the new collection of Telegram stickers. In a couple of steps, then, the new stickers will be available for all your Telegram chats and you'll be able to use them right away. Moreover, since unlike WhatsApp Telegram is cloud-based, once you install your new stickers you can use them from any device.

How to create Telegram stickers

If besides loving Telegram stickers you are also a creative person and are familiar with graphics programs like Photoshop or Gimp, then you also have a second option: create a set of Telegram stickers yourself. To do this, you first need to connect to the official Telegram stickers bot (by sending a message @stickers). Using the commands of this bot you can create a new set from scratch, add or remove a sticker to an existing set, sort the stickers of an existing set. All commands will be listed to you as soon as you connect to @stickers. If you want to add new stickers created by you, remember to respect some technical characteristics:

1) Resolution: 512×512 pixels

2) Image Format: PNG