Telegram updates again with protected content and anonymity

Telegram has been updated in the past few hours, and among the various new features introduced there are some particularly interesting: here they are

There are many new features that Telegram introduces today also in Italy through the latest update, which is already available for everyone. Those who already own Telegram will notice the classic notification within the app, while those who download the messaging app from this moment onwards will have all the news right away.

There are always several "cures" that Telegram developers devote to the instant messaging service, probably the most valid and widespread alternative - at least in Europe - to WhatsApp, but in this period they are even greater. In addition to the classic periodic updates that introduce "tons" of new features, Telegram is preparing to introduce advertisements in the channels. In parallel with this breakthrough that has epochal, the developers have been working to prevent freely saving content from groups and channels, give the ability to delete messages for specific periods of time, provide new ways to manage connected devices, allow you to publish anonymously in public groups in the name of the channel and more.

The protected content of Telegram

The developers of Telegram wanted to help creators protect the content published and ensure that it is available only to the audience they want to reach. So group and channel owners who want to keep their content only for members of groups and channels themselves can restrict message forwarding from their chat, which also blocks the ability to take screenshots and limits the ability to save media.

"To change users' ability to forward messages," Telegram explains, "open the Group or Channel Info > Group/Channel Type > Prohibit Saving Content page."

Anonymity in Telegram's public groups

Public groups and channel comments allow you to discuss any topic in communities that can number up to thousands of members. These groups are used for everything from advocacy to chatting with fans, which is why Telegram developers have added the ability to appear as a channel when sending messages in these chats, and not - as was the case until now - necessarily with your personal account name.

To maintain anonymity in Telegram's public groups, just tap on the profile photo next to the message bar and choose one of your channels - messages sent later will appear with the name and photo of the channel instead of being sent under the personal account, as was the case until now.

Log in to Telegram by calling

Particularly interesting is the new procedure that Telegram makes available to its users to identify themselves after installing the app on a new device. Now some mobile devices are offered the possibility to receive a login call from Telegram and then enter the missing digits of the phone number that called, instead of receiving codes via SMS.