Telegram updates blocked on iPhone, here’s why

After the blocking of the messaging app in Russia iPhone users have not received any updates on Telegram and Telegram X has been removed from the App Store

Iphone users who use the instant messaging app Telegram will have noticed that since March 24, 2018 the program has not been receiving any kind of updates. While Telegram X, basically a faster, streamlined and easier to use version, has even been removed from the App Store.

Many users have wondered why this block of updates for Telegram on applephones. The answer does not lie in the incompatibility between the application and which update of the iOS operating system, but it is of a political nature . At least this is the explanation that gave Pavel Durov, CEO Telegram and long on a collision course with the Russian government. According to Durov, updates for iOS 11.4 would have been ready long ago,  but they have not been authorized to release them. This is mainly because of the strained relations between Durov and the Russian government, after the Telegram CEO refused to provide the keys to decrypt their users' conversations. 

The fight between Telegram and Russia

The standoff between Telegram and Russia has led to the "ban" of the application on Russian territory and politicians in Moscow have asked Apple itself to remove the service from its App Store. No answer has come from Cupertino, but it is not clear why the removal of Telegram and Telegram X for Russian users has led to the stop of updates for iPhone users around the world. In Europe, the problem is twofold. Not only could Telegram not update its features for European customers with an apple phone, but it also couldn't comply with the provisions of the infamous GDPR. This means that the app in Europe has become sanctionable due to the lack of privacy adaptations and to avoid fines Telegram might even think about shutting down the messaging app in Europe altogether, at least for a while. At the moment the situation is very complex, also because excluding Durov, no one else has spoken. iPhone users passionate about Telegram, however, are asking for several weeks of precise explanations to Apple, explanations that are late to arrive.