Telegram: voice chats can be scheduled

Telegram takes another step forward in its run-up to Clubhouse by allowing channel admins to organize and schedule voice chats.

In late December 2023, displacing all competitors, Telegram introduced the ability to do voice chats. Shortly after, in March 2021, it extended this possibility to channels and, now, with the beta v7.7.0, it has also introduced an option to schedule a voice chat within a channel, choosing date and time.

Thanks to this new feature, channel administrators will be able to schedule a voice chat and not only, as it happens at the moment, launch it immediately. This is a not insignificant novelty, because it allows those who manage very busy channels to give an appointment to their users and, at the same time, to give them time to organize and be present. La nuova funzione di pianificazione, neanche a dirlo, rende le chat vocali di Telegram un’alternativa sempre più credibile a Clubhouse (che nel frattempo ancora deve lanciare l’app per Android). Tra i tanti aspiranti rivali di Clubhouse, quindi, Telegram sembra oggi quello in posizione più avanzata. Seguono Twitter e, solo dopo, Facebook.

Come si programmano le chat vocali Telegram

Per programmare una chat vocale su un canale Telegram un amministratore deve fare tap sull’icona del canale, poi sul menu delle impostazioni (quello con i tre puntini), poi deve selezionare l’opzione “Avvia chat vocale" e, infine, toccare la nuova opzione “Pianifica chat vocale“.

A questo punto può scegliere un’ora e una data e toccare il pulsante in basso per programmare la chat vocale. Immediately after that, he can share the invitation to join the chat within his channel.

Telegram, the other changes to voice chats

In addition to this news, again with the v7.7.0 beta of Telegram, other minor improvements to voice chats have also arrived. For example, it's now possible to change both the name and description of the voice chat when it's already in progress.

Also, to make it easier for newbies to learn the app, the app now has a Telegram features link in the menu that redirects the user directly to Telegram's official tips channel.

When these Telegram new features arrive

As usual, Telegram is very quick to implement the features it experiments with in its beta apps. If no issues or bugs pop up with voice chat scheduling, then, it's plausible that such a new feature could arrive as early as the next official stable version of Telegram's app.