Telegram X Beta changes everything: app completely rewritten

The messaging app has an upgraded and customizable sister. Did you know? Check out what's new in the alternative version of Telegram

Telegram X, the alternative and official client for Pavel Durov's messaging platform, has been rewritten from the ground up, and is now available for Android and iOS. This new client is faster and easier to use, as well as being easy to customize. The update of the Beta version of Telegram X is enriched with some features and eliminates bugs.

The app is completely different from Telegram, because it has been rewritten and lightened by several components. This allows for better performance in the face of significantly lower consumption. The enhanced version also offers some functions that are not available in the traditional one. There are many improvements and they will interest even the most demanding users, such as developers or experts who want to customize all the features or the graphical interface.

Telegram X Beta: here are the changes

In the Beta version of the app many important bugs have been fixed. First of all, one of the most annoying issues of Telegram X Beta was the client's malfunctioning when users were customizing themes. Now finally, the GUI can be customized without any problems. The crash also occurred to those who wanted to manage their TDLib library, used by the many developers capable of putting their hands on the system to modify functions. And this has been fixed as well. In addition, there were some worrisome interruptions and slowdowns of voice notes: and even in this case, the team of developers has improved the streaming of these messages.

At the side of these problems, there was also that of notifications: on Telegram X also appeared those already read, causing some confusion and annoyance in users. Finally now, once displayed they do not appear continuously in the smartphone display. Push notifications have also been improved and simplified, and are no longer a hindrance to using the phone.

At the same time, work has been done to reduce the app's power consumption and solve the multi-account problem. In fact, now it is possible to register more than 10 different profiles without fear of the application crashing or other malfunctions.

To make these changes, the code of Telegram X Beta was completely rewritten, also to ensure much shorter startup times. At the same time, the classic version of Telegram is also affected by several updates in recent months: the most talked about is definitely the arrival of multi account and consumption control.