Teleport, the portal that helps you find the city where to move

Teleport is a website that allows you to compare different cities using parameters such as quality of life, education, culture and climate

Do you feel like unplugging from your daily life? Are you planning to drop everything and change city? Well, Teleport is for you. It is a portal designed to help people who are thinking of relocating, but it can also serve those who are not clear about their future.

The Teleport site contains information about thousands of cities all over the world. Each city is ranked according to several parameters, all related to the quality of life of the city. Teleport contains, as mentioned, different data on various cities: many are related to parameters such as cost of living, taxation, security, education, culture and climate. Moreover, the website, thanks to partnerships with other portals, also helps to find a job in the city chosen for the transfer.

How does Teleport work

"Teleport is a portal that offers many possibilities to customize your search. By entering your needs and lifestyle, the site will come up with a range of cities that are right for you. This is an essential tool when you are deciding to move to a new city or when you are considering new job offers outside your country. Among the developers there are also several experts who have helped the growth path of Skype. On Teleport in addition to searching for a single city, it is also possible to make a comparison between different cities. This can help us if we are undecided about relocation. There is also a forum where users can exchange tips and post daily events and things to do upon arrival in the new city.