Teleportation on the Internet? Possible. In fact, almost done

Japanese and Singaporean scientists have succeeded in transmitting via the Internet the flavors of a drink between two different devices

One of man's great dreams is to be able to teleport from one part of the World to another in a few seconds. Considered unattainable by many, the dream seems to be more and more real. Thanks to the study carried out by scientists at the KEIO-NUS CUTE Center who have patented a special glass capable of teleporting the flavors of drinks.

The research was carried out by some engineers of Keio University and some scholars of the National University of Singapore Connective Ubiquitous Technology for Embodiments and have managed to create devices that immediately teleport the flavor of a drink from a glass to any device around the world. Everything happens thanks to the Internet and special sensors able to analyze the flavor of a liquid and transform it into data to be sent to devices that reproduce the sourness of drinks. The experiment has been carried out with a lemonade and it has succeeded to the perfection.

Teleportation is near, but they are necessary in-depth studies

The operation of the device created by the Asian researchers is quite particular. Everything is done through sensors and a glass capable of reproducing flavors. The sensor has the ability to analyze the pH of the drink and its color. Once all the data is obtained, it sends it to a glass that receives it and transforms it into flavor. But there is no liquid inside the glass, only a device capable of reproducing the sourness of liquids. In fact, for this reason, a lemonade was used in the experiment. The user only has to place his tongue on the device and through a small electric shock he transfers the taste of the drink. The "teleportation" of the taste takes place through the Internet.

Limited use

At the moment the device created by the researchers has a rather limited use and still needs several years of study before it works at its best. In the future, it could also be used in a hospital setting to treat people with high blood pressure who eat too much salt. The device could be used to compensate for the lack of flavor in food.