Television, Nexo+: the new streaming platform arrives in March

An all-Italian service for lovers of cinema, art, documentaries, music and more. Here are the first details about Nexo Digital's service.

From Netflix to Amazon Prime Video, up to Disney+ and NOW Tv: in Italy the streaming world is incredibly crowded. However, users are never satisfied. Accomplice to the pandemic and the need to stay at home, in the last year subscriptions have increased dramatically and many entertainment services have been born.

The launch of Nexo Digital's new online content platform has been announced in these days. The company was founded in 2009 in Italy and has been working since the beginning to promote digitization in cinemas. One of the initiatives that stands out is that of projecting content in 2K high definition thanks to satellite transmission. Over time, the project has developed further, brands such as Nexo Legend and Nexo Live were born and finally on March 10, 2021 Nexo+, a service dedicated to streaming entertainment, will be launched. It is therefore an Italian platform, which will of course also offer international titles.

Features of Nexo+: what we know so far

For the moment there are not too many details about the streaming platform. The production company has published a statement on its official website: "While waiting to find ourselves in the cinema as well (and we can't wait), we wanted to create a whole new space to be close to our audience and its demands: a platform of quality leisure streaming content signed Nexo Digital. With events, films and documentaries like those that have accompanied us all these years, carefully selected to promote curiosity, protect differences and amplify knowledge, fun and emotion".

Nexo+ will therefore be the home of cinema and events in streaming, while waiting for the pandemic to end and theaters to reopen.

How Nexo+ works

The price of the subscription has not been made official. At the moment it is possible to subscribe to the newsletter of the Nexo Plus platform.

You will immediately receive an email announcing upcoming news and especially the arrival of a promotional code to all new customers, through which you will definitely get a discount on the price of the subscription.

Nexo Digital didn't talk in the press release about TV series, so, it will surely be an alternative platform, which will approach a segment of the audience a little bit different from the others.

Nexo Digital: what it deals with

Nexo Digital deals with content for cinema, but inside it there are different editorial lines, which will probably be carried over to streaming as well. For example, Nexo Fine Arts is dedicated to theater, ballet, streaming exhibitions and the art world in general. Nexo Live instead is aimed at those who love concerts and live music. In fact, in 2011, during the Ligabue Day event, it set an important record, connecting 109 cinemas with a single live event.

There is also the Nexo Anime division, dedicated precisely to Japanese anime, Nexo Docu, specifically for documentaries and also Nexo Kids, which deals exclusively with content for children. All these lines could easily be included in the platform, which would thus be characterized as something different from the other proposals currently present in Italy.