Ten apps to turn your iPhone into a camcorder

Making high quality videos, slowing down scenes or using fun filters, here are the 10 iOS apps that can revolutionize the iPhone's camcorder

Filming with your smartphone isn't always easy. Making a video to share on social networks, creating a video diary of your vacation or simply uploading your own footage to YouTube. It may seem like a simple task, but there are a few things you need to do in order not to lose quality.

Of course, in addition to relying on a good phone camera, we can always rely on third-party applications to make our footage perfect. If you own an iPhone 7, or an iPhone 7 Plus, you'll surely be pleased with the quality of its rear camera, but you'll also notice that the camera department is missing some fun additional features that you can use to customize your videos.

MAVIS - Professional Filmmaking 

Mavis is one of the most popular video maker apps on the App Store right now. Its interface is reminiscent of the keys and buttons of a real handheld video camera, but despite the different options to use, it's simple to operate. It has several functions and is more suitable for those looking for extreme quality rather than some fun additions. We'll be able to balance whites manually, control audio and exposure. Moreover, from iPhone 6 onwards it also supports 4K video. Obviously despite being easy to use it is not recommended for the inexperienced, especially given the price. MAVIS is a professional tool and costs €16.99.

VHS Camcorder 

This app, as the name suggests, is dedicated to those who want to give a touch of the eighties to their videos. Making your child's play an old-fashioned VHS movie will be a breeze. Even the interface mimics an old video camera from the eighties and nineties. Besides, some buttons are reminiscent of the old video cassette recorders. In addition to these effects we'll also be able to decide the colors and use retro filters. We're living in the year of nostalgia, and this app confirms it. You'll need €2.99 to get it, though.

Hyperlapse by Instagram

Hyperlapse is new to the App Store. It is an application created by the developers of Instagram and it's free. As you can guess from the name it is very useful for making timelapse videos, thanks to this app you can speed up the video at will in post-production, and then upload it to Instagram.

Emulsio - Powerful Video Stabilization

Emulsio is the perfect tool, one of the few on the App Store, to stabilize videos you've already shot. It is the ideal app to get rid of shaky videos and it is also totally free. This service has several options to try out to sharpen our videos, plus there's a preview mode to see the improvements made live.

Legend or Gravie

These are two perfect apps for adding text and captions to our iPhone videos. Legend provides three pages of dynamic templates for filling screen titles, it's easy to use and the results are great. You can also export GIFs but customization is not the best feature of this app. Legend costs €1.99. Customization is instead the strong point of Gravie, which allows you to insert animations, fonts and colors other than the standard ones. It must be said, however, that it is a bit more difficult to use. Gravie also costs €1.99.


This is a pretty comprehensive app, useful for resizing, rotating, speeding up, slowing down or enhancing videos and even audio content. It also has additional filters and colors to set on your footage. It also allows very easy video editing of your footage. LumaFX costs 2.99 euros on the APP Store.

Pinnacle Studio Pro

Pinnacle Studio Pro has been awarded as one of the best apps of 2014. It is generally regarded as one of the most professional camera apps in the entire Apple universe. It has integration with cloud services that allows you to save all your files to Dropbox and Google Drive. There's the mix for audio and 4K support. The cost is not its strong point: 12.99 euros.


This is the app to download if your goal is to make a collage of your videos to save or post on social. Even the frames are customizable and you can join up to nine videos at a time. You can also use animations or special effects, like loops, to give a logical sense to the various videos in the collage. It may seem like a basic and unpretentious app, but in reality, despite being free, PicPlayPost can give great prominence to your publications on various social networks. The app is free as mentioned, but there are some additional features that you can unlock for a fee.

Splice - GoPro Editor

Splice is a free editor useful for cutting your videos easily and adding filters, or even a soundtrack. It is very easy to use, there are several aspects to include but definitely not one of the best apps for customizing your videos. The app used to have another name but in the last period it was bought by GoPro.

DJI Osmo Mobile

DJI Osmo Mobile turns your smartphone into a smart motion camera. It's designed for shooting on the move and given the very high cost is recommended only to sportsmen and fans of these shots and not to newcomers to this kind of shooting.