Tenta, the Android browser that winks at privacy

Tenta is a new app, downloadable for free on Google Play Store, that thanks to VPN keeps prying eyes away from our browsing

After Wikileaks showed most of the tools used by the CIA to spy on users many have begun to wonder if the normal apps we use on smartphones and computers are really safe. Let's take into account especially web browsers, how can we protect our privacy?

First of all let's start by saying that, despite some rumors have said otherwise, from the CIA-Wikileaks affair apps like WhatsApp or Signal come out winners rather than losers. Encryption on both messaging apps has protected almost 100% of most users' conversations. And leading cybersecurity experts say so. Android users, however, could boost their privacy even further by adopting a more secure web browser than Chrome or Firefox. We are talking about Tenta. It is a new application that allows you to protect the information of our web browsing.

How Tenta works

Tenta does not promise to protect privacy, as many other web browsers do, but explains how to keep hackers away. In fact, the app allows you to activate a VPN network. In such a way as to maintain confidentiality every time we access a site. This aspect is fundamental, Tenta secures by encrypting our navigation both on the home network and in public ones, such as in restaurants, airports or stations. Everything is protected by a PIN that only we know, or by fingerprint recognition if we have a device with a special sensor. The only price to pay is the speed, to encrypt the pages often the loading is slightly longer than usual. Downloads and bookmarks are also encrypted. Tenta has a very intuitive interface that is not too dissimilar from the various Chrome or Firefox. You can download it for free from the Play Store but there will be premium content coming soon, such as encrypted storage services and a built-in video player.