Termination of contracts and online services, why choose the PEC

When there is to send termination or withdrawal of a contract, the registered letter is not the only option. The PEC, in fact, is more convenient and economical

If you have ever had to cancel a contract or a service (regardless of whether it is a phone subscription or pay TV, gas or electricity contract or any service you have subscribed) you know very well that this is an operation only apparently simple. Among letters to be written, registered letters to be sent and replies to be received, being able to terminate the contract could look more and more like a business.

In cases like these, timeliness is everything: the contractual clauses, in fact, provide that the termination of the contract must arrive by a certain date (usually, 60 or 30 days before the natural expiration of the contract itself), after which you will have to pay a penalty more or less salty. In short, you will have to calculate the date of dispatch of the registered letter with acknowledgement of receipt with extreme precision: the risk is to send the letter on time, but the delivery will only take place after the date fixed by the general conditions of the contract. Problems that you could avoid by choosing to send the letter in digital form via certified e-mail.

Why choose the PEC to cancel contracts and services

Among the many advantages that the PEC guarantees, in fact, there is also that of being able to withdraw from contracts or various services without having to resort to registered paper. The Certified Electronic Mail, in fact, has the same legal value and, in addition to not having to queue up at the post office counters, you will avoid the effort of strange mathematical calculations, in an attempt to predict the date of delivery of the cancellation. The Certified Electronic Mail, in fact, allows you to be sure that the letter is delivered the same day you send it (usually arrives within a few minutes), unlike what happens with paper mail. In addition to this, then, we also add the cheapness of the PEC: open a certified mailbox with Libero Family PEC costs just 14.99 euros, with the ability to send as many certified messages as you want. The costs for sending registered mail, however, increase year after year.

How to cancel contracts via PEC

Canceling a contract via PEC, then, is not at all complicated. After finding the PEC address of the operator (it is mandatory on the home page of its website, if you can not find it just do an online search on INI-PEC) you only have to write the letter of withdrawal or termination, sign it by hand and scan it. Add, then, the scan of your identity document and attach everything to a PEC message. In a few minutes you will receive the confirmation of sending and receiving the message and you will have the certainty of having been able to terminate the service according to the time provided in the contractual clauses.