Tesla, 5000 solar panels to power American Samoa

The clean energy system has been tested on an archipelago in American Samoa. It consists of 5300 panels and 60 batteries

Tesla continues to focus on renewables. And once again it takes advantage of SolarCity's technology to realize its projects. The company specialized in the realization of electric cars has developed a photovoltaic system capable of covering the energy needs of an entire island.

The microgrid developed by Tesla can generate 1.4 megawatts of energy and store up to 6 megawatts of solar reserve. As the American company points out, the system manages to produce almost 100% of the energy that the archipelago needs. Before this technology was tested, Ta'u's energy supply relied on polluted diesel generators, which not only posed a threat to the environment, but also had a high cost. To cover the energy needs of the small island of American Samoa, in fact, 300 gallons of oil a day were burned.

The Tesla power plant

(Taken from YouTube)

The photovoltaic system made by Tesla, combines 5328 solar panels, which are produced by SolarCity, with 60 batteries, developed instead by the same American company. This technological mix makes it possible to cover the energy needs of the 600 residents even if there is no sun. The small ecological power plant, in fact, thanks to Tesla Powerpacks is able to provide the island with electricity for up to 3 consecutive days. The microgrids are also fast to recharge: the photovoltaic panels, in fact, are able to reach maximum capacity in less than 7 hours.

After the cheap and durable solar roof, the American company therefore looks to these small realities to expand its business. Tesla, in fact, hopes that its solar system will attract the attention of other potential customers.