Tesla ends up under investigation: is Elon Musk in trouble?

Under the lens of the investigators the automatic driving of the electric cars of the famous company. Tesla ends up under investigation: is Elon Musk in trouble?

There isn't a day when Elon Musk doesn't make people talk about him. Usually it's about some cryptocurrency-related outing - for example, his response to the threats of Anonymous: after the boom of the last few months - which coincided with lockdowns, read "lots of free time and not much to do" - Musk has credited himself so much as a guru of digital currencies, that he has amassed the power to alter that segment of the market within the very few characters that make up a tweet.

Then there's the whole news cycle that has to do with SpaceX, Musk's space company not even remotely overshadowed by Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos' trips into orbit. As much as the exploration of space frontiers has become the new hobby of the super-rich, Musk, compared to Bezos and Branson really seems to play in a different league and to have more ambitious goals than bringing some wealthy tourists very close to the Space Station.

Why Tesla cars have ended up under the investigators' lens

It is not very frequent - but not even rare, if that's the case - that Musk is talked about for very, well, "earthly" things, like a judicial investigation. That's just what's happened in the United States, where authorities are formally investigating the operation of self-driving, electric-powered cars produced by Elon Musk's company, Tesla.

Under the investigators' lens have ended up a total of eleven incidents of collisions between Tesla vehicles that were driving themselves thanks to autopilot and that in all have resulted in 17 injuries since 2008.

Which models ended up under investigation, Elon Musk's stock market thud

The investigation is conducted by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (Nhtsa) and concerns Tesla car models called Model Y, X, S and 3. In total, there are 765 thousand cars, but in Italy - and in Europe - they are present in a very small part, having been placed almost entirely in the US market.

It may be that by now Elon Musk is able to alter the quotations of electronic currencies with a joke contained in a post on a social network, but not even the investigators of the US authorities, in terms of consequences on the quotations, are joking: yes, because when the investigation became public domain the Tesla title lost 5% of its value on the Stock Exchange.

Giuseppe Giordano