Tesla: here’s the new software to get to autonomous driving

The company will release its software update in December to give maximum power to the newly made hardware, increase autopilot tasks

Tesla's giant strides toward making a car entirely managed by autopilot continue. Following the release of the new hardware, Tesla has finished updating the software to enable the efficient use of these new features for automated driving.

The software that Tesla has been missing. The company's last update had greatly boosted autonomous driving with the latest hardware. To fully exploit the potential of this system, however, Tesla needed a software layer to go along with it. Now, as CEO Elon Musk says, the company is ready to release this software update to users. This will allow to increase the use of sensors. And should in the coming months give back the possibility of assisted braking and adaptive cruise control.

Available since December

On Twitter Musk reassured users by clarifying that the software will be released by December, and that in the following months will follow further updates to increase even more the potential of automated driving Tesla models. For Musk this will be the last step towards an autonomous car. A project that the company wants to complete by the end of 2017. Although other car manufacturers criticize Tesla for the absence of LIDAR sensors. That is, remote sensing, which determines the distance to a given object through the use of a laser. But on this issue Musk has been clear: LIDAR is not necessary.