Tesla V10: what changes with new electric car software

With the new software, Tesla users will get a completely different driving experience than now. Here's what changes

The official launch of Tesla's new V10 software, which will introduce a number of new features to the zero-emission cars from Elon Musk's brand, is approaching. What has been renewed, in depth, is the offer of infotainment services designed specifically for the occupants of the electric vehicle made in USA.

As described in the first official notes released by the manufacturer of electric vehicles, the new firmware will bring on board the long-awaited Tesla Theater, the feature that allows you to watch movies and TV series in the car, but only when the vehicle is stationary and well parked. To be able to use Tesla Theater and watch movies or TV series, however, you will not be able to use the connectivity offered by the same manufacturer: to download multimedia content you will have to use your smartphone in tethering. Pay attention, therefore, to the weight of what you want to see, otherwise you risk nasty surprises with the data threshold of your rate plan.

Tesla V10: the new features

Always from the point of view of entertainment on board, Elon Musk's engineers have created the "Caraoke" function. Always with the car parked, it will be possible to sing your favorite songs with the possibility of viewing the lyrics. Then inserted a new function with an inviting name: Feeling Lucky or Hungry? This is a new feature that allows the car to take you to a nearby event or restaurant as a surprise, a place chosen by the car itself.

Tesla has also refined the "Sentry Mode" with which the car, when parked, is able to constantly monitor everything that happens around it. Joe Mode" has been introduced to lower the volume of system sounds so as not to disturb passengers, and the application launcher has been entirely reorganized. The maps have also been revised and improved, including the 3D map with real-time updated traffic data that is now clearer, more detailed and easier to read. Finally, for video game lovers is coming the famous Cuphead in Tesla Edition version, the run'n'gun video game of 2017 true object of passion for the founder of Tesla and already available for Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch.

Tesla V10: when the release?

For now, the new software can be downloaded in Early Access version, while we still do not know the official release date that, as confirmed by the usual informed, should be really imminent.