Thanks to Google, Baby Yoda arrives everywhere, here’s how

Google makes a gift to fans of the Star Wars saga with the character of Grogu in augmented reality: we can take him anywhere

Interact with Baby Yoda in augmented reality, at home or by taking a picture together with the character of The Mandalorian series. This is Google's latest gimmick which, with little Grogu, has chosen to expand the number of AR characters available through the results of the world's most famous search engine.

The latest episode of the second season of the TV series produced by Lucasfilm and directed by Jon Favreau is available on Disney+. For the occasion, Google wanted to launch this nice option going to consolidate the collaboration with the Star Wars franchise. If for the Pixel smartphones were previously released the AR stickers of Star Wars: The Last Jedi and, in free form, the cardboard viewers of The Force Awakens directly from the Google Store, this time the choice has fallen on The Child, which has quickly become the most talked about of the new characters among users of the network.

Baby Yoda in augmented reality, how it works

In order to view Grogu in 3D, you need to search from a mobile device or Google app on Big G's search engine for a few keywords, such as "Grogu", "The Child", "Baby Yoda" or "The Mandalorian". Among the results, such as the box with the main information taken from Wikipedia, just click on "View in 3D" to see the small - so to speak, given the 50 years of age - member of the same species of Yoda in the environment in which you are, as captured by the camera.

Once activated the function will be able to interact, albeit in a limited way, with an animated version of the character. At the moment the only possible actions are zoom in and zoom out while Baby Yoda moves his head and looks around; obviously, given the AR mode it will be possible to take photos of the encounter with the Baby of The Mandalorian anywhere, inside or outside of your home or, why not, even a selfie with one of the most popular characters of the series.

Baby Yoda, another piece of The Mandalorian AR experience from Google

Augmented reality objects were added to Google search last year but, just in the last few days, the Mountain View giant has added 50 new animals to interact with including a zebra, a hippo and a piglet. As for The Mandalorian, then, last November Big G and Lucasfilm had already joined forces to allow users equipped with Android devices with 5G connectivity to experience some of the scenes from the series in augmented reality, through what has been christened The Mandalorian AR experience.