Thanos, how to use the magic glove in the Google easter egg

Discover how to use the Google easter egg dedicated to Thanos and hidden within the search engine

A few days ago came out in theaters "Avengers: endgame", a new movie dedicated to Marvel's Avengers superheroes. Among the many protagonists in the film there is also Thanos, a unique character in the Marvel world and one of the most beloved by fans. The movie is having a good success and even Google has decided to celebrate the event with an easter egg hidden within the search engine.

This is not the first time that the company of Moutain View organizes such an event, already in the past had hidden surprises within the search engine or in one of its many services (such as easter egg made for April 1). The surprise developed by Google is not present in the home page as it happens with the Doodle, but it is hidden in the SERP, or in the results page. To see the easter egg you need to type the word Thanos. Here is how to activate the Thanos easter egg from Google.

Thanos, the easter egg from Google

For the release of "Avengers: endgame" Google has created a very funny easter egg. Looking for the word "Thanos" in the results page will appear a glove on the right side of the screen. Just click it to start the easter egg: the glove comes alive and makes half of the results disappear from the page. A real joke that Google wanted to do to its users. To return the situation to normal, just make a new search.