The 10 most powerful Android smartphones all have 2 features in common

The classic monthly publication by AnTuTu, the well-known benchmark portal, has shown that the 10 most powerful Android smartphones have two things in common

The power of smartphones is a topic that has many fans of pocket technology chatting. Which is the most powerful of two products can be debated for hours, often without reaching a conclusion. That's why portals like AnTuTu give a numerical dimension to the concept of overall performance of a product, thanks to elaborate benchmarks.

Beyond the chatter between fans, the reality says that by now Android smartphones (and not) are very powerful, most of the time more than we need. And it's clear, in black and white, from the rankings that portals such as AnTuTu draw up monthly on the most powerful smartphones that pass through their servers. The one for September 2021, however, shows a curious aspect: the ten most powerful Android smartphones all have two features in common, namely the presence in the "control room" of twin chips Snapdragon 888 + and 888 of Qualcomm, and at least 12 GB of RAM.

The 10 most powerful Android smartphone ever

The most powerful Android smartphone ever to have run on AnTuTu in September is the Nubia Red Magic 6S. A monster of power devoted to gaming thanks to the performance of the most powerful chip from Qualcomm, the Snapdragon 888 +, and by virtue of memories of "just" 12 GB of RAM and 256 GB of storage space: not record values, because even in the same ranking there are those who offer more, but obviously very fast.

Second, but distanced by 20 thousand points, there is Xiaomi Black Shark 4 Pro with the Snapdragon 888 "standard" and with the same amount of memory of the Nubia. Detached by nothing, to close the podium, there is Vivo X70 Pro+, a very recent product (the company presented it not even a month ago) about which we have already spoken in the dedicated article.

Of the AnTuTu ranking of the 10 most powerful Android smartphones in absolute September 2021, it is striking the closeness of the values in the field: between the first and tenth box there are just over 50 thousand points (857,918 points vs. 803.422 points), a circumstance that does not occur often and that probably gives the measure of how much the continuous technological evolution of the sector has brought so many companies and their products more or less all on the same (very high) level.

The 10 most powerful mid-range Android

About 300 thousand points further back there is the first most powerful mid-range Android smartphone that AnTuTu detected in September 2021. It is Xiaomi 11 Lite in the configuration with 8 GB of RAM and 128 GB of storage. Those in the know might think it's only a matter of time for the latest Xiaomi 11 Lite NE to make a run at AnTuTu and undermine the highest-performing mid-range Android as of September 2021, but for its Snapdragon 778G chip, it shouldn't be easy to do better than the 11 Lite's Snapdragon 780G.

Closing the podium are the "brothers" Honor 50 (third) and 50 Pro (second), which together with the Xiaomi are also the only products that in September 2021 have put an average score of more than 500 thousand points on AnTuTu. Down by a whisker is Oppo Reno6, a recent product that is also the first with a MediaTek chip, the Dimensity 900, while for the first smartphone with a HiSilicon chip from Huawei (the Kirin 985) you have to scroll down to the eighth position occupied by Huawei Nova 8 Pro.