The 10 most powerful Android smartphones all have the same chip

Punctual come the rankings of the most powerful Android smartphones of the month compiled by AnTuTu. It's surprising that the top 10 have all the same chip

It doesn't happen often that the ten most powerful smartphones in the world are united by the same chip, and those who follow the monthly rankings published by AnTuTu, perhaps the most famous benchmark portal in the world, know it well. But there you have it: the feeling is that the good work done by Qualcomm in the design phase of the top of the range Snapdragon 888 chip is even greater than expected.

AnTuTu publishes two monthly rankings, one on the top of the range Android smartphones and another for those in the mid-range. The data that determine the positions are the result of the benchmarks made and published on the online platform by users during the month of reference, in this case May 2021, with rules designed to avoid that uncommon models that have then "turned" a few times on the platform are included in the top ten distorting the ranking. The two rankings just published contemplate those products that have performed AnTuTu the most in China: so don't be surprised not to see, for example, not even a Samsung Galaxy S21, it's a matter of numbers and spread of products, not of validity of the project.

The ten most powerful top of the range of May 2021

The highest step goes for the third month in a row to the Black Shark 4 Pro by Xiaomi, a product designed for gaming and therefore voted to offer maximum performance. It is not at all common for an Android smartphone to occupy the top spot for three months in a row, even if the advantage over the second one, the Tencent Red Magic 6 Pro, is laughable: not even 100 points of difference out of more than 800 thousand in total.

But for the podium there was a fight to the last. At just over 1,000 points there is the recent OnePlus 9 Pro, which in turn has trimmed a much larger gap to the fourth that like the previous ones does not know the compromises, Oppo Find X3 Pro, remained outside the top 3 with just over 824 thousand points.

Exactly in the middle of the ranking of May 2021 of the most powerful top of the range active in China is vivo X60 Pro +, not even he says powered by Snapdragon 888. Close the top 10 AnTuTu of May 2021 of products that in our parts are not at all common, with the exception of the tail-end Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra which, despite more than 800 thousand points, failed to avoid the tail of the group.

The ten most powerful mid-range of May 2021

Less tight struggle within the AnTuTu ranking of the ten mid-range Android smartphones transited in China in May 2021. In particular, there seems to have been no struggle for the leadership of the group, with Xiaomi Mi 11 Lite 5G that has not struggled to impose itself strong with an average of over 530 thousand points.

Excellent work of Xiaomi that places, albeit indirectly, another smartphone in second position, the Redmi 10X 5G detached from the first by over 70 thousand points. Important common the presence of a MediaTek in the second box: the Chinese company has done important work in the last period, and the solid performance of the Dimensity 820 testifies to it.

Third iQOO Z3 with Snapdragon 768G, then Huawei Nova 8 Pro and Nova 8 "standard", Honor 30 and Honor X10, and finally Redmi Note 9 Pro, Oppo Reno5 and, last, Redmi Note 9.