The 10 strangest smartphones ever

Lately, smartphones look very similar to each other, but over the years there have been some devices that have stood out for eccentricity

The design of cell phones in recent years has become quite standardized. Large screen with reduced edges, elegant metal or glass body and rounded and beveled corners of the device. We can't say that smartphones are all the same in terms of design, but they certainly look very similar to each other.

In order to stand out from the crowd, some manufacturers often try to make special phones. With a modular design or with an extravagant and alternative shape compared to the competition. But breaking a standard is not easy. Winning cases in this sense are very rare. It's easier to come across unsuccessful models or those that are not appreciated by consumers. Nokia, for example, over the years has experimented a lot with its devices. Sometimes it has managed to create sacred monsters of telephony like the 3310, other times it has designed devices that soon fell into oblivion. Here, then, is a list of the 10 most bizarre phones ever made.

Nokia N-Gage

Nokia N-Gage was developed by the Finnish company in 2003. Nokia with this device wanted to make a phone for younger people, based heavily on gaming. And to see it now really looks like an ancestor of an old PlayStation Portable. The N-Gage, however, never reached the success of its bigger cousin, the 3310, and now is remembered more for its eccentric style than for anything else.

Nokia 7600

Always in 2003 Nokia launched the 7600 on the market. A phone with a really strange design, a mix between a clamshell and a small thermostat. The screen occupied the central part of the device with the numbers from 1 to 5 placed on the left side and those from 6 to 0 on the right side.

Blackberry Passport

The Blackberry Passport has all the features to fall into the category of essential phones for style and functions. Too much so. Basically it's a perfect square divided in half between a screen and a physical keyboard. For lovers of the genre it has been a pillar, but now its design makes you smile.

Motorola Flipout

Remaining in the theme of square smartphones the Motorola Flipout is the king. Yes because this device was nothing more than the combination of two squares on top of each other. The first represented the screen and the second the keyboard that could slide to close behind the display or could be left open to write in peace. The result? A very large phone, not exactly comfortable in your pocket.


There was a time when slide-out phones were all the rage. Unfortunately, the Sidekick failed to make history in this category. A screen the size of a car's on-board navigation system, a grip that was anything but ergonomic, and a hidden keypad with very small buttons didn't help.

Huawei KFC

Does anyone feel the need to own a phone branded by Kentucky Fried Chicken? In China, evidently yes. So much so that Huawei has created a phone with covers and colors that refer to the famous fast-food chain.

Touch Vertu Signature

Is it worth spending about 8 thousand dollars for a smartphone entirely covered in alligator skin or other furs chosen by the customer? The British company Vertu evidently when it created the Signature was convinced that it was.

Sirin Labs

If $8,000 doesn't seem enough for a phone that's eccentric, to say the least, then Sirin Labs' device is for you. This is a smartphone designed to attract attention at the disco. Or so describes the manufacturer. Attention that comes at a high price, about 16 thousand dollars. The device has leather and gold trim.

Bluetooth phone

Do you like to walk around with a Bluetooth headset and make calls all the time? Then this Bluetooth Phone is for you. It is a mini smartphone that you can attach to your ear. The usefulness? It has not yet been discovered.


Photo enthusiasts? Then this smartphone from RED for over a thousand euros is for you. It looks like an Iron Man accessory but it's actually made for taking quality videos and photos.