The 3 right predictions for 2020

Are you struggling with predictions for the coming year? There are those who, a few years ago, made predictions for 2020 and got it right

As usual, the arrival of the end of the year coincides with the period of good intentions and, above all, predictions for the future. There are those who delight in making predictions for the next decade; those who go even further and even reach the next century. Others, however, have fun, so to speak, to verify whether the predictions made in past years have occurred or not.

For example, someone has verified that predictions made decades ago for 2020 have turned into reality. In spite of the skeptics of their time, in fact, personalities such as the musician Frank Zappa, the Nobel Prize winner for Economics Milton Friedman and the industrialist Henry Ford have anticipated some of the trends that have come to fruition during this last part of the second decade of the 21st century. And that, starting from 2020, should be able to express their full potential.

Music streaming foreseen in 1989

The first to foresee the possibility of creating music streaming services was Frank Zappa almost 30 years ago. The histrionic musician and singer wrote in his "The Real Frank Zappa Book" published in 1989 that, in the future, there would be a system that would allow songs of all kinds to be played "on demand". Users would be able to listen to their favorite music whenever they felt like it, without the need to have a physical medium with them.

Flying cars predicted in 1940

The prediction of flying cars is even earlier. We are in 1940 and Henry Ford, father of the modern automotive industry and inventor (among other things) of the assembly line, predicted that in the not too distant future vehicles halfway between cars and planes would "clog" the airspace above our cities. In short, almost 80 years ago Ford foresaw the arrival of flying cars. Maybe a little more time has passed than the American industrialist had foreseen (as Bill Gates says, if the automotive sector had evolved as fast as the computer sector, flying cars would have appeared much earlier), but just next year the various Uber, Boeing and other competitors will be ready to fly the first prototypes.

Electronic currencies foreseen in 1999

In the last year, the Government has put in place several measures to encourage the spread of electronic currencies and payments. Already 20 years ago, however, there were those who predicted that just in 2020 the financial and monetary sector would have reached a maturity such that electronic currencies pienamshtente reliable would be used daily. It was Nobel laureate Milton Friedman who made this prediction, believing that only 20 years later the technology would reach a level where electronic payments would be completely secure.