The 5 new features of PES 2018

Konami and PES 2018 raise the challenge to FIFA as the best soccer video game and do it with improvements to gameplay, ball control and online challenges

Konami with Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 wants to raise the challenge to EA Sports and FIFA as the best football simulation video game in the world. PES in recent years has seen the gap lengthen compared to the rival but continues to have an important circle of fans and this year has in store a whole range of new features.

Konami believes and is ready to return to compete as the best football video game, so that the president Digital Entertainment, Masami Saso said: "With this title we have launched an eye to the future, PES 2018 sees us ready to take the field and excel in every detail more than ever. The game will also be available for pre-order in the Digital FC Barcelona Edition. A version that has some special features compared to the classic one as well as special details designed exclusively on the famous Catalan club with the stadium that will be reproduced down to the last detail

Improved gameplay

Konami has improved some game situations. To make them more real. Among the most important changes are dribbling, ball protection and defensive management. The Real Touch+ engine improves ball control and touch.

Improved graphics

As mentioned,  some stadiums have been reproduced in great detail. The Konami developers have recreated about 20 thousand graphic elements to make Camp Nou and Signal Iduna Park identical to reality. Great improvements have also been made to the playing field that now does not tire the eyes too much and simulates the effect of the grass, depending on the weather conditions, in a very real way. The movements of the players have been modified not only in the game but also in the exultations.

Multiplayer online

After many requests Konami has pandered to its most loyal users, and especially those who love challenges against other users online. With the new PES 2018 you will be able to perform 2-on-2 and even 3-on-3 online challenges.

Coach Mode

Players in PES 2018 can experience coaching in the Master League, which also features pre-season tournaments, a revamped transfer system, new elements of interaction with the press and the outside world including pre-match interviews and locker room scenes.

New Interface

Konami has created a new interface to make the first game screen cleaner. This improvement is also to make room for the new features that will be included in the MyClub mode.