The advantages of having a PEC address for individuals

The Certified Electronic Mail is not only reserved for SMEs, even citizens can use it to communicate with the PA and not only

After a slow start, the Certified Electronic Mail is increasingly used by users. Not only is the number of small and medium-sized companies that use the PEC growing (companies are required to provide a PEC address when they enroll in the Register of Companies), but also the number of private individuals.

Citizens are not required to have a Certified E-Mail box, but in the last period more and more people are deciding to open a personal PEC address. The advantages of having a PEC box are many: for example it makes it easier to communicate with the public administration and receive messages from the Inland Revenue. Thanks to PEC, it is no longer necessary to go to the Post Office to send registered letters, thus saving precious time and money. In fact, the low price has convinced many people to create their own PEC box. It is no coincidence, therefore, that in mid-2017 there were 8.5 million PEC mailboxes for a total of over 250 million messages sent (statistics on the use of PEC by AgID).

Also Libero offers its users a Certified Electronic Mail service with a convenient offer dedicated to private citizens. Thanks to Libero Family Pec, e-mail messages have legal value and are comparable to registered mail. The investment is low (14.99 euros, a little more than the cost of three registered letters), there are no limits to send messages and the box space is 1GB.

Why a private individual should have a PEC box: to send registered letters

The biggest advantage for a private citizen in having a Certified E-Mail address is not having to go to the post office to send registered letters, thus skipping the lines and saving time and money. You can use the registered mail via PEC to send the cancellation of subscription services or to send an official document to large companies. PEC is an effective tool for all formal communications involving public and private institutions.

Legal Value

All messages sent via PEC have legal value. In the case of legal proceedings or in the documentation to be brought in order to file a complaint, it will be possible to use the e-mails sent and received through Certified Electronic Mail.

Communicating with the Public Administration

Having a direct line with the offices of the Public Administration is sometimes a real hell. Using the telephone would only waste time, it is much easier to use the Certified Electronic Mail. All Ministries have one and the PEC allows messages to arrive faster than ordinary mail. In addition, you can also use the PEC to receive on your computer or smartphone notifications of the Inland Revenue.


The PEC box is also convenient. With Libero Family Pec just pay an annual subscription of € 14.99 to send all the registered mail we want and have 1GB of space for all our messages. The cost of the annual subscription is equivalent to 3 registered letters, an expense that is immediately repaid.