The AGiD guide to digital skills for ICT professionals

AgID, the Agency for Digital Italy, has drawn up guidelines to educate on the various digital skills needed in the new professions given by the web

"What does your son do, work with a computer?" You've probably had a conversation like this. A statement that, although not wrong, makes clear the lack of knowledge of digital skills in ICT professionals. That's why AgID has come up with guidelines.

The Agency for Digital Italy (AgID) has presented a first draft of a document containing all the main guidelines for digital skills. This will serve to make clear the tasks and skills that characterize the professional figures in the ICT sector, or information and communication technologies. Why do all this? The guidelines have several objectives, certainly among the first is that of guiding citizens and improving communication with them during the digital revolution that most Public Administration offices are undergoing.

The new professional figures

But the guidelines will also serve the administrations to identify a series of professional profiles required by the evolution of the labor market. This will be used to create a set of standard skills and competencies that must be possessed to work in the sector and apply for these job positions. This is a list of necessary skills, which is also recognized at European level, and is given by the growing market demand in this specific professional field. The AgID text outlines six "families", i.e. six macro professional areas. These are business management, technical management, design, development, service and operation and support. From these areas come 23 different professional figures. It may sound complex but each figure is explained in the guidelines available on the Agency's website. In this way, at the moment of a hypothetical hiring, it will be clear to everyone what competences they need to know or require.

Web Professionals

In the guidelines, there is a section, the 4.4, dedicated more generally to the new professional figures given by the Web. Here are analyzed and explained the competences of working figures such as the Web Project Manager, the Web Account Manager, the Frontend Web Developer or the Web Content Specialist. These are names that from the outside can put you in difficulty but the explanations of the guidelines have the intent to bring people closer to this thriving job market. All the information as well as the document of the AgID guidelines can be consulted on from March 8 until next April 26. Everyone is given the possibility to ask for clarifications or suggest changes and additions to the text.