The app for free TV series arrives on Smart TVs

With this new app, available for Smart TVs with Android TV operating system, Chromecast with Google TV and Apple TV boxes, you can watch free foreign series in original language or dubbed in Italian.

Italy is also a market now more than mature for streaming, as evidenced by the more than 4 million subscribers to Netflix and, above all, as evidenced by the arrival of more and more platforms "FAST", an acronym that stands for "free ad-supported streaming TV", that is, free TV, supported by commercials.

One of these FAST TV available in Italy is Serially and, as the name suggests, its catalog is focused on TV series. To be precise, foreign TV series little or not known in Italy, yet to be discovered and often in original language with Italian subtitles. If you're already wondering why, with all the TV series dubbed into Italian that are available, you should watch one with subtitles, then stop for a moment and think about one series in particular: Squid Game. Who would have thought that a Korean series with Italian subtitles would become a Netflix workhorse, even in Italy? Yet it did happen and, for this reason, you should be pleased that the Serially app has arrived also for smart TVs with Android TV operating system and for Apple TV devices.

Serially for Smart TV: compatible models

Serially ap has already been available for a few weeks for Android and iOS smartphones, now it arrives also on all smart TVs equipped with Google's operating system (Android TV and Chromecast with Google TV) and on Apple TV boxes.

We're talking about millions of devices throughout Italy, since to adopt Android TV are many models (but not all) of the biggest international brands: Philips, Sony, TCL, JVC, Hisense, Haier, Nokia, Panasonic, Sanyo, Thomson, Toshiba/Vestel, Umax, Xiaomi just to name the most famous.

On most of these smart TVs the Serially app is already available, fully in Italian and usable immediately after installing it from the Play Store.

What is Serially

We specify, however, that Serially requires the registration of a profile (but you can also access with your Google, Apple or Facebook account).

After creating a profile you can access the service for free (but in the future there will also be premium content), divided into categories and with a section specifically dedicated to dubbed content in Italian.

The maximum resolution available is Full HD 1080p and requires a connection of at least 5.3 Mbps, so the compression is quite strong but the quality offered is still good, higher than that of Full HD channels broadcast on digital terrestrial in Mpeg-4.