The app for spies that you can download to your phone (but don’t use)

Designed to be used only by insiders, the app allows you to share photos, images and other unclassified information

Not just ordinary mortals, from today even 007s will have their own app to communicate, share videos, images and other unclassified information. It's called Tearline and it allows everyone to update existing posts and share new information.

In short, a sort of Wikipedia of American intelligence.

The app dedicated to spies is actually available for everyone. Tearline, in fact, is accessible both via web browser and installable on Android smartphones and iPhone. The problem is that the app for spies can only be used by "insiders". Translated, only secret agents or government officials have free access. In fact, the app requires credentials to be exploited. The idea, in which the NGA, the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency, participated, is to provide a tool where 007s can share stories and documents related to intelligence activities, which even if they are not classified, are still useful to their work.

The Wikipedia of Intelligence

The development of the application has also collaborated IDEO, a company specializing in design, which has dealt with the user interface and the aesthetic aspect of Tearline. From what we can guess - being for a select few it is not possible to know with certainty its functioning - the mechanism of the app is similar to that of wiki sites. In fact, the platform makes use of the contribution of every member of the intelligence community, who can post information and update it in case of new developments. For example, an agent who is looking for information can take advantage of what has been posted previously by other 007s. In the app, you can also share charts and ask questions. In short, times are changing and the ways of communicating are changing, even for spies.