The app to turn your smartphone into a webcam arrives on Android

The built-in webcams in laptops are of very poor quality, the quality USB ones have a high cost: why not use your smartphone for video calls and video conferencing?

Camo, the app that can turn your smartphone into a webcam has arrived on Android. After debuting last year with the version dedicated to devices running the iOS operating system, now the manufacturer Reincubate pulls out of the hat the first public beta that will allow users of compatible devices to try all the potential and features offered.

The application, which has quickly become one of the most popular in its field, comes to the aid of those who do not have an external webcam to connect to their desktop computer or who simply can not (or do not want to) rely on the one built into their laptop, for quality reasons or for operational problems. Equipped with a resolution often higher than the models we find on older PCs and Macs, the camera on cell phones is transformed with Camo into a useful tool during business or private video calls, integrating harmoniously with the software on the market in a simple and immediate solution.

Camo, how the app works

Once downloaded the application and its client for remote control, available for Windows and Mac, with Camo the camera is already ready to use. It is enough to start the videoconference through services such as Zoom, Google Meet, Skype and many others to show your own image during the conversation.

There are also commands that allow the management of the shown field of view and they are all available within the client. Among them, the user can take advantage of zoom, crop (to "crop" the area shown on the screen), tilt (to raise or lower the frame) and pan (to move it horizontally); moreover, you can choose to recolor the photo with filters or change the settings related to light and exposure, even using the flash of the device.

To these, then, you can add the custom watermark, or the watermark that affixes to the shot a text or a logo to "mark" the frames. Obviously, for the conference can be used any of the lenses installed on your smartphone, from ultra-wide-angle up to the front for selfies.

Camo, here you can use it

As stated by the developers, Camo supports versions of the Mountain View OS from Android 7.0 (Nougat) onwards. In addition to those mentioned, it is compatible with Chrome, Microsoft Teams, Twitch, Final Cut Pro X for a total of more than 40 applications.

In the testing phase, Camo is offered free of charge complete with all its features but, in the future, it could become paid like what already happened with the software for Apple. Pricing has not been revealed, but it could be the same as the Cupertino version, i.e. $4.99 per month, an annual subscription for $39.99 and full lifetime unlocking for a one-time fee of $79.99.