The apps and sites to check the queue at the supermarket and are two web-apps that people can use to find out the queue present in supermarkets. Here's how they work

During the Covid-19-related emergency, grocery shopping has become more complicated. Some people, unable to leave their homes, order it online. However, the stores can't handle all the requests and often you have to wait for days before receiving the purchased products.

Not to mention that, due to the high traffic, the e-commerce of the supermarket chains are slow or have technical problems. In this context, buying groceries online with home delivery is a real challenge. So, many people arm themselves with patience, self-certification, health safety devices and go directly to the point of sale, where the situation is certainly not better. Supermarkets, but also small markets, can only accommodate a few people at a time in order to avoid gatherings inside. Therefore, customers wishing to enter must wait outside the store in orderly rows, where everyone stands at least a meter away from each other. To avoid biblical waiting times, several developers have launched apps and sites to control the queue at the supermarket.

App for queuing at the supermarket: Filaindiana

The name of this app is reminiscent of the way we used to enter the classroom in elementary school: how many times did the teacher recommend to stay in single file to avoid disorder and chaos? was probably born from this idea, but it is designed to monitor the lines outside the stores. In order to work, the website needs to geolocate the user's device.

The website shows on the map the stores near the location and their respective queues. For the stores where it is active, a window opens showing both the estimated waiting time and the people in the queue. It is easy to use and is completely free. The service was born for the citizens of Lombardy, then it was extended to all of Italy.

Establish queues with DoveFila: how it works

Another interesting web-app is DoveFila and is designed for all those who need to do their shopping, naturally well spaced out. It can be used both from a smartphone and from a computer and even in this case you need to have GPS active so that the signal can indicate the nearby stores. For each store, there is a tab to tap. Inside it is the estimated waiting time. For example, it shows 8 people waiting and an estimated 20 minutes or so before you can reach the entrance. Below this screen appears a red string, where each customer can enter their data.

Collaborative apps to monitor the queue

Both services work thanks to the collaboration of users, who can report new outlets and especially enter the number of people waiting and estimated times. People, once arrived at the supermarket, can then count the members of the queue in front of them. Alternatively, they can write down how long it took them to reach the entrance. It is also useful to understand which commercial establishments are close to one's home. In short, the two websites are fundamental at a delicate time and can help people to better manage their shopping.