The best apps for animated wallpapers to download on Android

Smartphones with Android operating system can also be customized with animated wallpapers: there are many apps where to download them.

Android, unlike other operating systems, is much more flexible when it comes to customization. You can easily turn it like a glove, without any particular difficulty.

In this article we start with the simplest customization: changing Android wallpapers with beautiful animated wallpapers. We'll tell you which free apps you can use to download fun animated themes that will amaze your friends.

How to download free animated wallpapers for Android

Before we list the various animated wallpaper apps, let's quickly describe the procedure for setting up a live wallpaper. Seppur possa essere scontata per molti, c’è sicuramente qualcuno che può trovarsi in difficoltà. Questa procedura è praticamente la medesima per ogni applicazione. Ecco come fare:

  1. scarica, innanzitutto, da Play store l’app desiderata;
  2. aprila e seleziona lo sfondo animato preferito;
  3. provalo, magari, in anteprima;
  4. aggiungi il nuovo tema animato al tuo device Android con un semplice tap;
  5. puoi applicare lo sfondo animato alla schermata di blocco, alla home o ad entrambe.

Vogliamo anche farti presente un aspetto da tenere in considerazione: gli sfondi animati, rispetto a quelli non interattivi, consumano batteria in più, ma a livelli sopportabili. So, unless your device has obvious charging problems, you can easily download these animated wallpapers without worrying particularly.

Where to find animated wallpapers that move on the Play Store

Below we list and briefly describe the free 2D, 3D and HD animated wallpaper apps that you can find on the official Android store. These are totally free apps, but in several cases they may feature in-app purchases and advertisements. Among the various apps, we've picked out those that allow you to download the most unique and in-demand interactive wallpapers.

Chrooma Live Wallpaper

If you don't like tacky animated themes, this app is for you. From Chrooma Live Wallpaper you can download material design style Live Wallpapers: colorful triangles, light and shadow effects, which move and change color, can make your homescreen really stylish.

Basic animations and the kind of speed, with which these animated wallpapers for Android move, do not heavily affect your phone's memory and battery.


Beautiful and battery-friendly animated wallpapers can be found in this application. HexShaders features themes characterized by small hexagonal objects that move.

Before downloading these Android wallpapers, you can customize the size of the particles, making them more or less defined. You can also go and change the speed type of your animated wallpaper.

Pixelscapes Wallpaper

If you're a particularly nostalgic nerd, you'll love the animated wallpapers featured in this app. Pixelscapes is a collection of three Live Wallpapers in pixel art style: all three are relaxing, have well-rendered animations and, an important detail, have very low power consumption.

There is the one representing a lake with many small details and a starry sky. There is the animated theme with the little sailboat that goes to discover islets with windmills, houses and strange characters. And last but not least, there is the animated wallpaper that represents an island illuminated by the sun's rays, which also radiate into the ocean.

3D Wallpapers

This is the application that presents the best 3D and HD animated wallpapers. The catalog, which is constantly being updated, has many images in high resolution. To search for the ones you want, you can type in the search bar or browse through the categories. A much appreciated aspect of 3D Wallpapers is the absence of aggressive advertisements, which pop up while you are using it.

Fresh Leaves

If green gives you peace of mind and you are a nature lover, you must try the animated themes of this application. Fresh leaves (summer, fall, winter and spring) will move on your homescreen. The light will also change depending on the time of day and weather conditions.

Unlike the previous apps, Fresh Leaves is a bit heavier and can affect devices of rather low price range. This is mainly because of the three-dimensional elements and HD graphics, which take a toll on memory.

The Nebulander

Does space inspire awe and excitement in you? This app contains beautiful animated backgrounds with planets and nebulae animating the screen. The interactive backgrounds can be edited directly from your homescreen. For example, you can drag the spaceship on the screen with your finger, resize objects and change their speed. So, these animated themes are also a kind of mini-game to pass the time with, a rarity in the Android wallpaper market.

Wise to the usage of the system resources present on your device, this free animated wallpaper app weighs 21 MB. Therefore, it requires some extra power and performance from the device on which the wallpaper is installed.