The best apps for menstrual cycle

In this article we will see what are the best apps to monitor your menstrual cycle. Choose the one that suits you best, download it and find out how it works.

Today we will talk about topic that can interest all women and girls, that is, what are the best apps for menstrual cycle. There are many apps for Android, iOS and Windows, but which ones are the most useful and convenient to use? Find out in this article. That way, you can download the one you think is best for you to monitor your cycle and take advantage of all the other features these apps come with.

Menstrual apps: why they're useful

Using a menstrual app is essential for several reasons. First, it lets you know how many days are left until your period arrives. Then, keeping track of your cycle gives you the ability to check your health and see if there are any abnormal changes, to possibly consult a doctor. For this you need a tool that is easy to use, but at the same time also very complete and accurate.

Cycle apps: how they work

Cycle apps work thanks to the data you communicate to them. Before you start using such an app, in fact, you are asked for a series of useful information to keep track of your menstrual cycle. For example, you are asked how long your cycle lasts, the date you had your last period, as well as your personal data, such as your date of birth, your weight and your height. Of course, all this information is safe, because these apps guarantee you the utmost respect for privacy.

Best cycle app

Now let's see together which is the best cycle app among those currently available in different stores.


This is the first menstruation app we want to introduce you to. It is a very simple and intuitive app to use. On the main screen you'll find the chart that shows you the start and end day of your cycle. Clue also has a virtual agenda that you can access from an icon representing a calendar. Very useful is also the section "The science of the cycle" where you can find a lot of interesting information. Clue is free and is available for both Android and iOS devices.


The Flo menstrual cycle app is especially useful for women who have the desire to have a baby. In fact, in addition to providing information about the menstrual cycle, it can accurately predict the fertile days. For those who are already pregnant, however, there is a feature called "Pregnancy Mode", which allows the future mother to keep track of her weight and other aspects relating to her health. Flo is also free and can be downloaded for Android and iOS.


This cycle app is also very easy to use and has very similar functionality to the other two apps we've already introduced you to. Life also allows you to keep track of your mood via the virtual calendar. Also, you can set up notifications that will alert you of your period's arrival. Life is free and is only available for iOS. However, there is also a paid version, which has many more features that you can access by spending 2.99 euros per month.

Menstrual Cycle Calendar

This is a particularly useful app for keeping track of the phases of your menstrual cycle and your most fertile days. Menstrual Cycle Calendar has a lot of features and has a very attractive graphic design. This is app you can download for free on Android and iOS.


The last app we want to introduce you to is called Maya and, of the ones we've seen so far, is probably the most suitable for girls. It allows you to keep track of your symptoms and mood during your menstrual cycle. In addition, the features that tell you, for example, when to take your birth control pills, as well as the one that notifies you when your period is coming, are particularly useful. Then, it also has the "Events" feature, which reminds you of important engagements or dates. Maya is available for Android and iOS, in both free and paid versions. The latter costs 4.99 euros. Now all you have to do is choose the cycle app to download that will help you live your menstrual period more peacefully.