The best apps to listen to music offline

In addition to the famous streaming services such as Spotify there are many apps for Android and iPhone that allow you to listen to music offline

When we talk about apps to listen to streaming music almost everyone thinks of Spotify. It's a service that's very easy to use, but it's not the only one. What can we do if our smartphone doesn't have a signal or if we don't have much data traffic on our monthly subscription and don't want to finish it all in a short time?

The answer is simple: we need to download an app to listen to music offline. To do that, you don't need to subscribe to Spotify's premium service. There are several apps that allow us to play our favorite songs without having to pay any subscription and without having to activate the data connection on our smartphone. Almost all of the applications included in this guide can be used both on Android and iPhone, and many of them can also be downloaded to our tablets. This way we can always have our favorite music with us, whether at home, on the way to work or during training.


If you think Spotify only works with an active data network, you're wrong. The streaming music service allows you to download your favorite songs to your smartphone and listen to them offline. To access this feature, however, you need a subscription.


This is one of the best apps for listening to music offline on Android smartphones. It has a very comprehensive yet intuitive graphical interface, which is why Phonograph is easy to use. In addition to managing playlists and playback queues with this application we can also download music album covers and even some "posters" dedicated to our favorite bands. And if you like to fall asleep with music, you can also set a sleep timer.

Google Play Music

A good alternative for Android is Google Play Music. Which is also available on iOS devices. On smartphones with the robottino operating system this app is installed by default. Play Music lets you browse through various catalogs of songs divided by artist and genres. Some songs are free, while others must be downloaded for a fee. Once you have songs in your library you can play them offline.

Jamendo Music

This is an application recommended for true music lovers. Within the Jamendo library, in fact, we can download for free many songs from independent or emerging artists.

Tunein Radio

As you can guess from the name of this app, with Tunein you'll be able to listen offline to radio programs from almost any country in the world. Basically, once you've accessed the app you can download podcasts and listen to them offline. The app is available on both Android and iOS.


SoundCloud is perhaps one of the best Android options for listening to music offline on your smartphone. In addition to having the most famous and most listened to tracks of the moment, the platform is also widely used by emerging artists and DJs, but sometimes even internationally renowned, to sponsor their new creations. The app not only saves songs offline, but also recommends new songs based on what we've heard.


This is also a pretty effective app for managing our offline music. Through the app we can create our own personal library and then play it offline. Napster also has a nice feature for children with several tracks designed just for kids. Napster's songs can also be stored in the cloud.