The best backup and security software for AV-TEST

To protect our devices from virus attack, it is necessary to install programs that back up and increase security

Ransomware, that is, malware that blocks access to our data and demands a ransom to use it again, is a constantly growing phenomenon and represents one of the biggest risks on the Net. The best way to protect yourself from ransomware attacks is to use programs that can both protect your device from this type of threat and at the same time safeguard your personal files from falling into the wrong hands. For this reason we have to have a software capable of making a backup of our data, capable of restoring them in case of attack, which at the same time also has anti-malware functions. To find out which programs perform this task best we have to rely on AV-TEST and see which software has passed all the experts' parameters with flying colors.

DPB Software

One of the best techniques to protect ourselves from ransomware malware is to rely on the so-called DPB programs. They are special software that secures our data from recent versions of the Cerber crypto-trojan that mainly strikes with malicious attachments on apps and email accounts. Among the best DPB platforms tested by experts are: Acronis True Image 2017 New Generation Premium, Carbonite Personal PLUS, CrashPlan for Home and iDrive. AV-TEST took into account four variables to indicate the best DPB Software: usability, performance, functionality and threat protection.


This criterion measures the level of ease and comfort perceived by the user during installation and configuration of the application. The language used is also an evaluation criterion, as it helps to understand whether or not the software is intended for less experienced users. Although it should be remembered that this evaluation can often be subjective for a user. From the expert test, the easiest to install and use was Acronis.


This factor measures the time it takes for a user to back up their data. And of course, the time it takes to retrieve data from a backup that has already been made is also considered. It may sound trivial, but the speed of these operations is crucial, not only for the user experience, but also to foil the threats of a ransomware attack, once the threat is perceived by the software. Again, the winning platform in terms of performance was Acronis True Image.


This feature takes into account those functions, and their ease of use, that are critical to protecting the victim's device, during or before a ransomware attack. Acronis was found to be the best possible option, tied with iDrive.

Threat Protection

From the intuitive name you can understand the criteria for evaluating this aspect for an anti-ransomware program. Be careful, though, AV-TEST experts didn't only consider the ability to prevent a hacker attack but also the program's ability to avoid collateral damage to users' data once it has been attacked. Again Acronis is the winner, this software offers active protection, i.e. it is able to adapt to different dangerous situations.