The best Simpsons episodes on Disney +

All seasons of The Simpsons are on Disney +, except for one episode that was cancelled. Here's everything you need to know

For Simpsons fans, Disney + is the platform of dreams. All seasons of one of the most beloved animated series in Italy are available on the new video streaming service. Fans of Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and little Maggie can review all their favorite episodes, starting with episode number one "A Dog Christmas".

For those who don't know, Disney + collects content from all Disney properties, including Fox series and National Geographic documentaries, in addition to Pixar, Marvel and Lucasfilm productions (i.e. all Star Wars movies and content). If you're a Simpsons nostalgic, this is your chance to follow the evolution of the characters and also the technology, with the quality of the drawings having increased considerably. At the same time, it is also an opportunity to rewatch the most beautiful and representative episodes. We recommend five not to be missed (plus a bonus episode that you do not know).

The first episode of The Simpsons: A Dog's Christmas

We can only start with the first episode ever, which debuted on TV in the United States on December 17, 1989. Its title is A Dog Christmas and it introduces some key characters, most notably The Simpsons' famous dog, Santa's Little Helper. It's a rather curious name for a pet, yet the motivation will be discovered by watching this episode.

What's the story? The episode is set at Christmas time, when Bart decides to get a tattoo but is discovered by Marge in the middle of the work. His mother decides to have it removed using Homer's 13th month salary, unaware that her husband will not be granted any. Homer then looks for work as Santa in a store, but Bart recognizes him and unmasks him. Homer loses his job, but convinced by his friend Burns and Bart decides to invest the few dollars earned on a dog at the dog track: bet everything on Santa's Little Helper. But he loses, and his owner, after yet another bad impression, kicks him out. Bart insists on taking him home and Homer satisfies him. When they arrive home, the other side of the family welcomes them happily because they all think that the little dog is actually a Christmas present.

Krusty goes to the cooler

We continue the roundup with episode 12 of the first season. The episode introduces us to key characters from Matt Groening's series, including Sideshow Bob, the famous "villain" of The Simpsons, whose only reason for living is to kill Bart. In addition to him, we also meet Judge Snyder and Kent Brockman. In addition, a crucial character begins to emerge, namely Krusty the Clown. This content is also important because it is the first directed by Brad Bird: from this moment, the director will play an important role in the construction of the imaginary as we know it today.

What happens? After finishing work, Homer decides to do some shopping at the Jet Market but here he comes across a robbery. He realizes that the robber is Krusty the Clown and has him arrested, while his show is given over to Sideshow Bob. However, Bart and Lisa don't believe that Krusty is responsible for the robbery, so they investigate and find out that he has been framed.

Flambé Boe

We come to the third season. Episode 10 is titled Flambé Boe and is important because the famous cocktail Flambé Homer is created, whose recipe a secret ingredient that even scientists can not find. But there's also another reason to rewatch the content on Disney +: Aerosmith performs at Moe's bar, and this is a great opportunity to think about how the series successfully engages real-world people.

What happens? The plot opens with bartender Moe in a slump because business is down. So, Home decides to reveal to him the recipe for a cocktail he invented, made up of leftovers from various liquors and a secret ingredient: cough syrup. Moe steals Homer's recipe without giving him any credit. He proposes it to the customers and manages to raise the fortunes of his beloved bar.

Marge Against the Monorail

We come to one of the most beloved episodes of the audience: the number 12 of the fourth season. First of all, it deserves to be mentioned because it is written by Conan O'Brien, famous American host and actor. In addition, it is chock full of quotes and parodies: that of the Flintstones, Luke Perry, Hannibal Lecter and there is also the appearance of Leonard Nimoy, an actor best known for playing Spock, the famous Star Trek character. And speaking of humor and cult phrases: in this episode, Mayor Quimby will confuse Star Wars with Star Trek, becoming one of the funniest skits ever.

What's going on? Mr. Burns has had to pay a hefty fine for polluting the environment with his activities, and the citizens of Springfield must decide how to use the sum for the community. Lyle Lanley intervenes by proposing to build a monorail, however, Marge unmasks him by revealing to everyone that he is a known con man. However, by the time she does, it's too late.

Krusty gets kicked out

We come to episode 22 of the fourth season, which tells of the cancellation of the Krusty the Clown show, representing a veiled criticism against the entertainment system. But it's also an episode where we get to enjoy recognizing a lot of stars, like the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

What happens? Krusty, once he loses his job goes into a depression. But Bart and Lisa try to help him by organizing together with him a television program with many guests.

Disney +, the episode of The Simpsons that you can't see

The most attentive will notice that on Disney + an episode of The Simpsons is missing. It is the first episode of the third season. Why has it disappeared from all physical and digital editions? Very simple, because of the presence as a voice actor of Michael Jackson. After the release of the controversial documentary "Leaving Neverland", the producers of The Simpsons decided to make this episode "disappear" from circulation.

What did it tell? Homer ends up in a mental hospital because of Bart and it is the character voiced by Michael Jackson that brings the family together.