The best sports video games for Android smartphones

There's nothing better than a game of soccer or basketball to relax at work: here are the best sports games for Android

There's nothing better than a good sports video game to relax and have fun with your smartphone. On the Google Play Store the number of applications is practically infinite and choosing is not easy, even for the most experienced.

The real big problem with sports games on Android is the freemium model. This is a system where you can start playing for free but then in order to continue advancing or to upgrade your character you have to buy, almost by force, paid components. This is a system that many people don't like, and rightly so. There are, however, titles, especially related to basketball and soccer, which are worth installing on your smartphone. From Fifa Mobile to NBA Live, here are the best sports games for Android

Madden NFL Mobile

If you're a fan of American football, Madden is definitely the most famous video game. It is true that it is based on an annoying freemiun system, but in addition to paying with real money you can also use virtual coins in the game. And unlike other sports titles, on Madden it is not difficult to earn virtual coins, especially if we are good and win several online matches against other opponents. Obviously there is no lack of a league section, where you play against artificial intelligence. There are also daily events that if passed give access to different coins. The gameplay is based on collecting players to complete your formation.

Football Heroes Pro 2017

We remain in the American football theme with a less serious title. Football Heroes is based on a purely arcade style where you collect new player cards to improve your team. The playability, in spite of very simple graphics, is quite good. And there are also several moves to make to break a tackle or to create a dangerous action. It is the classic game to use during lunch break or while waiting for someone.

FIFA Mobile Soccer

Would FIFA be missing from this list? The answer is obviously no. Again, the video game is based on a freemium model. That said, if you're a soccer fan, this game will not disappoint you. You start with the basic modes, namely live events and attack mode. After level 5 we'll unlock the season and the leagues. Unlocking Live Events is one of the most effective ways to get coins and buy new packs of players. Attack mode consists of challenging other users from all over the world, and the winner is obviously whoever scores the most goals in 90 minutes. To play FIFA both in multiplayer and in single player you'll need an Internet connection.

Score! Hero

If creating a team is too complicated, then it will be more fun to manage a single player and take him from young promise to soccer star. That's what you can do in Score! Hero. Unlike other games here we'll only manage the actions that concern our character, we'll be able to shoot, dribble and pass the ball to teammates. The game is developed on multiple levels, 420 to be exact, each of which involves a different game situation.

NBA Live Mobile

Another EA Sports title, and another masterpiece. Those who are big fans of NBA basketball can't help but install this game on their smartphones. Also in this case the main purpose is the management of your team and collect new players. To play there are different modes, there are daily events or live challenges with users from all over the world. And there is also the option to play an entire season. Once you reach the fifth level, just as in FIFA, you'll unlock the Leagues. An interesting aspect of the leagues is that if someone buys an item in your league you can benefit from it as well.


This is a title for nostalgic, the game also made by Electronic Arts is a remake of the famous basketball video games from the arcade. The style is very nineties, but it remains a title to have for fans. You play two against two. You can make quick matches, campaigns to unlock new players and legends of basketball, then you can play online (it is not easy to find opponents) and finally you can challenge a friend. The only downside of this title is the price, just under 5 euros.

MLB 9 Innings 17

Baseball fans? This is the game for you. It faithfully reproduces all 30 MLB fields and over 800 players. There are different ways to play, you can do a quick game or a season. And depending on how much time we have available, we can also decide to use both teams. Then there is the Live mode that allows you to play with the parameters of teams and players updated according to the performance of the current season. It is a very time-consuming game and it also has a paid service where you can collect legends and historical MLB players.

Matt Duchene Hockey Classic

For some reason EA Sports has decided not to bring its field hockey title to smartphones, as it does for consoles. Matt Duchene Hockey Classic, however, can be a valid alternative if you are a fan of this sport. The main problem is also here the freemium system. Once you download the game you'll only have Finland and Sweden available, while for the other 60 teams you'll have to pay. Also, many NHL teams have been modified because the game doesn't have the rights.

Golf Star

This title has been voted in several countries as the best golf game on Android. Especially thanks to its easy controls and its clean and essential graphics. We will be able to customize our player and then launch into the career mode. Understanding how to play, even if we have never seen a golf tournament, will be very simple. We'll have to accompany our character from amateur to professional, and the competitions and difficulties will change as we go along.