The Boys 2: When the new season starts on Amazon Prime Video

The release date for the second season of The Boys has been announced. The release will be gradual: after the first three episodes, the five will be weekly

The protagonists of The Boys will return on Amazon Prime Video with a new season. The TV series has in fact won a large share of the audience and this has convinced the platform to renew it. The first season told the adventures of a group of unconventional superheroes and was based on the comic book written by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson.

According to rumors, The Boys 2 will continue this trend, but there will be some new features. For example, we will know a new character called Stormfront, a superheroine with a strong and authoritarian character who will confront the Patriot. The video streaming service at the end of 2019 had already published a trailerĀ of the new season, but had removed it shortly after. Surely the publication had been a mistake, but fans, however, did not miss the opportunity and posted it on other channels. Finally now comes the official release date of The Boys 2. Let's see when it will be released and some previews.

The Boys 2: release date

Amazon Prime Video has announced that the first three episodes of The Boys 2 will be released on the platform on September 4, 2020. Thereafter, an episode will be released every week (on Fridays) until October 9. There will be a total of eight episodes and will once again chronicle the adventures of a group of superheroes against The Seven.

The TV series will be available in more than 200 countries around the world and is produced by Amazon Studios and Sony Pictures Television Studios. Along with the official release date, a trailer anticipating the main plots was also released.

The Boys 2 plot: what will it be about?

The news about the new season of The Boys was given on July 19, 2019 during San Diego Comic-Con. Since this moment, fans have made many assumptions about the evolution of the plot. The first season of the TV series tells the story of a group of irreverent superheroes with dubious morality. In fact, the story starts from the idea that not all superheroes can be good and in some cases they use their powers for their own benefit. This is where the story begins: a group of guardians called the Boys come together to oppose the Seven, seven superheroes captained by the Patriot and paid to Vought, a multi-million dollar agency.

Patriot is the quintessential American superhero, who hides many shadows behind his smile and pro-good ads. In fact, behind their appearance are actually hidden ends far from praiseworthy. The series therefore distorts the myth of the superhero, not an altruistic figure who devotes himself to others, but an element that can become a danger to humanity. The new episodes will continue along this line and will develop the initial events. The Boys will once again confront the Seven. But there will be a new superheroine, Stormfront, an expert in social media, who will give the Patriot a run for his money.

What to expect from The Boys 2

The second season will be an evolution of the first, as announced by creator Eric Kripke: "We can't wait to show you the second season. It's going to be even crazier, weirder, more extreme and more exciting. In fact, it's too cool - so much so that the Surgeon General insisted that we debut the first three episodes on September 4 and the next five in the following weeks. We want to give you time to freak out, digest, discuss, and recover from the blow before we give you another dose. We only have your well-being at heart. We hope you'll love the new season as much as we do."

Where to watch The Boys 2

The Boys 2 will be available to all Amazon Prime Video subscribers. You will be able to watch it in all mobile devices but also on PC and TV through the use of a console or on the smart TV.