The Boys 3, when will the new season of the TV series be released

The Boys has also been renewed for a third season: the new episodes will arrive for 2021. Here's the news

Betting on the successful TV series that the audience likes the most. It seems clear the intent of Amazon Prime Video that to counter the dominant position of Netflix and the growth of Disney+ has decided to renew for a third season The Boys. The TV series about superheroes "villains" has been a great success and the renewal for a third season, when the second has not yet made its official debut (the first three episodes will be released on September 4), is a great certificate of esteem.

The announcement came directly from the executive producer of the series who communicated the decision of Amazon Prime Video during the Comic-Con@Home 202o. In 2021, therefore, should release the third season of The Boys, although it has not been made official the period in which they will begin filming. Surely if the release is confirmed for 2021, it will come in the second half of the year. It is also difficult to make predictions about what the series will talk about without having seen The Boys 2 first.

When the new episodes of The Boys 2

First the announcement of the release date of The Boys 2 and then the official trailer that anticipates some scenes of the new season. From September 4 until October 9, the episodes of the second season of The Boys will be released on Amazon Prime Video. The release, in fact, will be staggered in time: on September 4 the first three episodes and then an episode every Friday until the grand finale on October 9.

What will be the focus of season 2 of The Boys? Few information are available: we know that there will be a new heroine called Stormfront and a new enemy to face, but there are no other anticipations. We will have to wait until September 4 to see the first three episodes of the new season to understand what the writers have reserved for us.

How to see The Boys in streaming

Waiting for the beginning of The Boys 2, fans can review on Amazon Prime Video all the episodes of the first season. To do so, you need to have a subscription to Amazon Prime Video (included in Amazon Prime) and click on the box dedicated to the TV series. It will open a tab with all the information about the TV series and by clicking on one of the available episodes, you will be able to stream it.