The Boys: spin-off will target the X-Men

After the success of the parent series, Amazon will produce another show inspired by the Vought world. It will be set in a college and tell the story of the G-Men

The Boys was a real gamble for Amazon Prime Video. The series could have been a flop but it turned out to be one of the most watched on the channel. If the views of the first season were record-breaking, those of the second chapter have increased by 89% worldwide and this has convinced the production to invest on a third season and other related content.

The decision was made to expand the universe of The Boys with a spin-off set in a school of young people with incredible super powers run by Vought International. Creator Eric Kripke has confirmed that it will draw inspiration from the comic book series from which the parent series is based, but then develop a completely original subject. The saga to which Kriple refers is the G-Men saga written by Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson, a funny parody of the famous X-Men. Amazon has given carte blanche to the creators, who have already shown with the original show that they can build a high quality product capable of keeping glued to the screen a large number of viewers.

The Boys spin-off plot: what will the series be about?

As anticipated, the creator of the spin-off is the same of the first seasons of The Boys, Kriple, who told TheWrap: "We took the stories of G-Men as a starting point, a bit like we did with The Boys, where in a sense we take an initial idea and then we develop it according to our needs.

In short, the events will be similar to those of The Boys, but this time the narrative will be set inside an American college: on the one hand, the events of the superheroes will be explored, on the other hand, the themes related to adolescence will be dealt with, always with a funny, cynical and irreverent tone.

The Boys: the comics that will inspire the spin-off

Specifically, the reference will be the series of comics "We gotta Go Now" which features the G-Men, a funny parody of the X-Men, more irreverent, easygoing and disturbing.

In the comics, the villain is John Godolkin who kidnaps the boys and takes them to a sort of training camp to learn how to develop and manage their powers. In this particular school, there is no rule except to never reveal the existence of the group.

The spin-off should have such an incipit and then develop independently and show the raids of the young superheroes, but also the crises and problems typical of adolescence, made even more difficult by their condition.

Spin-off The Boys: other previews

The role of showrunner is entrusted to Craig Rosenberg who has previously participated in both the mother series, and other similar shows, such as Preacher. He is currently working on the pilot along with creators Eric Kripke, Seth Rogen, Evan Goldberg and James Weaver. Amazon Studios and Sony Pictures Television, on the other hand, will take care of the production. So the spinoff will also definitely be aired on Prime Video.

In the meantime, many fans are starting to wonder if some of the main characters from The Boys will appear in the spinoff, but Kriple doesn't want to reveal any details about cast yet.