The camera of the future according to Oppo

Oppo ready to raise the quality of its smartphones, which judging by the announced news could be cameraphones.

Oppo is a world-renowned brand in great growth, which over the years has proven to produce great quality smartphones on every market segment. A great contribution has come from the subsidiary Realme, which in recent times has done a great job in terms of value for money (and innovation, such as magnetic charging MagDart).

Oppo has therefore "unleashed" Realme to preside over the medium-low end of the market, acting instead in first person on the higher ones where the competition is on high levels thanks to the work of competitors. So Oppo is forced, like its competitors, to push the pedal of quality in every sector, even the photographic one in which, moreover, over the years it has proven to be at ease. Dates back to 2019 for example Oppo Reno 10x zoom, revision of the best seller Oppo Reno that as the name suggests had among its special features the ability to perform an excellent optical zoom. Oppo in short has always shown an almost innate aptitude for producing cameraphones, and judging by what was announced at the Future Imaging Technology Conference has no intention of stopping.

The continuous optical zoom of Oppo

Among the various innovations announced, Oppo has anticipated that it will bring to market a continuous optical zoom technology to further improve the photographic quality offered to users, up to a level "comparable to that of a professional camera," says the company. The next Oppo smartphones so it would be good to call them "cameraphone", judging by the premises.

The continuous optical zoom developed by Oppo will allow to obtain magnifications without loss of quality within the range from 85 to 200 mm equivalent focal length. Per dare una dimensione ai numeri, assumendo la lunghezza focale equivalente della fotocamera principale di Oppo Find X3 Pro che è da 26 mm (ma, sia chiaro, si potrebbe prendere ad esempio la fotocamera di qualsiasi altro smartphone), con la nuova tecnologia di Oppo si potrebbero ottenere zoom senza perdite di qualità da oltre 3x a quasi 8x.

La dicitura senza perdite di qualità utilizzata da Oppo presume di solito che una parte dell’ingrandimento venga eseguito con lo zoom ottico, mentre la parte restante grazie allo zoom digitale. Uno zoom ibrido insomma, con la parte elettronica che viene utilizzata finché non subentra una perdita di qualità dell’immagine. Insomma, senza sfociare nei tecnicismi è bene sapere che non si tratta di uno zoom puramente ottico, ma di una soluzione che fornisce delle immagini con ingrandimenti molto spinti senza incidere sulla qualità dello scatto.

Il filtro RGBW di Oppo

Non di solo zoom però ha parlato Oppo. The company wants to produce all-round cameraphone, able to make the best in all conditions and in every "specialty". Among the new features are the five-axis optical stabilizer, for less blurry photos and professional videos, and the RGBW filter.

The latter adds white to the classic red, blue and green: in this way, says Oppo, more light reaches the sensor and reduces noise in low light conditions, which is exactly what anyone wants to avoid shooting indoors or at night.