The Chess Queen: new project for star and director

The couple has already won over audiences with the Netflix miniseries, but now there are more projects in the works: here's what their new movie will be about

Scott Frank and Anya Taylor-Joy, respectively co-creator/director and lead actress of the renowned TV series The Chess Queen have already proven to be a winning couple. Their chemistry has been so great that they have decided to get together and work on a new project, a film based on Vladimir Nabokov's novel, titled A Laugh in the Dark.

The first details of the new work have been revealed by the director during an interview with the podcast called The Watch, which keeps a close eye on the world of cinema and streaming. During the chat, Scott let slip that he will again direct the young actress and that she will once again be the main character. This time, however, it won't be a TV series but a feature film, a gripping, off-screen thriller. The goal is to replicate the success of The Chess Queen.

After the Chess Queen: what will the new film be about?

As mentioned, it will be a true film adaptation of the novel A Laugh in the Dark written in 1932 by Vladimir Nabokov.

The film will tell the story of Albert Albinus, an elderly art critic who falls in love with Margot Peters, a young model and aspiring actress. For this reason he leaves his wife and turns his life upside down. However, the girl will use her lover to make a career and become a movie star. The role of Margot should be entrusted to Anya Taylor-Joy.

The film, according to the director and creator, will serve not only to tell the story of the plot but will try to explain why Nabokov's books have always struggled to get to the cinema, also because of the issues addressed. Scott, in fact, has said that it will be a sort of "film within a film". A Laugh in the Dark has already had a film adaptation and it dates back to 1997 by director Adriane Lyne.

Other projects from the actress and The Chess Queen director

Both Scott Frank and Anya Taylor-Joy are currently enjoying the huge success of the Netflix mini-series, which has been one of the most watched in the streaming platform's history.

The show was among the October 2020 new releases on Netflix and since its first week it has been racking up record viewing figures.

Currently, both the director and the actress are working on new projects. In addition to the film that will see them working together again, Scott is planning another TV series based on the life of Sam Spade, a detective formerly played by Humphrey Bogart in the film The Mystery of the Hawk. The role of the protagonist this time will be entrusted to British actor Clive Owen, famous for his many film roles, from Sin City to Ophelia.

Anya Taylor-Joy instead will work in the prequel to Mad Max, titled Furiosa. Those who want to see her in other roles are spoiled for choice: she has participated in both TV series (Peaky Blinders) and many films (Split, Emma, The New Mutants, Blood Friends and The Witch).