The compact travel hair dryer with special negative ion technology

This small and light travel hair dryer amazes for its performance, features and especially for a really low selling price despite the ionic technology.

Millions of Italians are on vacation or are closing their suitcases to go on it. A suitcase where, usually, a hair dryer is never missing, but it has to be compact in order not to steal space to the tablet, to the chargers and also to the laptop if not all the members of the family can avoid to work.

Although very often they are used only when travelling, because they are very light, the compact hair dryers have carved out an important niche in the market, that has pushed the producers to implement also on these models the advanced technologies already present on the classical hair dryers of superior range. Technologies that, in turn, until a few years ago were the prerogative of professional hair dryers for hairdressers. But technology, you know, goes fast and always costs less and this leads to small miracles, such as the possibility of buying a travel hair dryer high power, negative ions for less than 30 euros.

Phon for hair ionic 2100W: how it works

The model in question, despite the derisory price, is to all intents and purposes a high quality travel hair dryer: excellent materials, beautiful design, electric cable long two meters and robust. All for a weight of just over 600 grams.

Optimal power, equal to 2,100 watts and extremely useful possibility of making it work not at constant power but at a constant temperature: 57 degrees Celsius, enough to dry hair quickly, not enough to burn them (very important to dry the hair of children).

In addition, this is an ionic hair dryer, which means that the water that bathes the hair is not simply evaporated: the molecules are broken down by negative ions and this, in practice, means that the dehydration of the hair is much lower than that resulting from a classic drying process.

Ionic technology has in fact become established because it is the one that allows a better care of the hair (whether straight or curly). Only that once it was the prerogative of more expensive products, today no.

Phon for hair ionic 2100W: how much does it cost

This 2100W Ionic hair dryer is among the best sellers on Amazon, for three reasons: the excellent technical features, the excellent reviews of users who have purchased it and the great price at which it is sold.

To buy it, in fact, you only need 29.99 euros.

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