The cost of registered mail is increasing, PEC is even more convenient

The cost of sending a registered mail with return receipt continues to grow and has exceeded the threshold of 5 euros. PEC is becoming more and more convenient

New increases are in sight for those who usually send letters, missives and packages by registered mail. As specified by Poste Italiane, as of July 3, 2018, the rates of some types of registered mail have undergone an increase "in compliance with the limits and prescriptions set by the Authority for Guarantees in Communications".

In particular, prices have increased for the "standard" registered mail, the international registered mail and the Pro registered mail. The new rates will be about 10% higher than in the past, with a further burden on the pockets of all individuals and companies that use the service. For example, registered mail up to 20 grams will go from 5.00 euros to 5.40 euros; international registered mail up to 20 grams will go from 6.60 euros to 7.10 euros; registered mail Pro will go from 3.40 euros to 3.60 euros.

Why PEC is worthwhile compared to registered paper mail

The increase in the price of registered paper mail is added to the already long list of good reasons to open a certified email box. If we want to limit ourselves to the economic aspect, for example, sending a single letter with registered mail costs 5.40 euros; creating a PEC address with a service like Libero Family Pec costs 14.99 euros and you can send lots of messages (and, it's worth remembering, with the same legal value as a registered letter).

If the economic aspect alone is not enough, just analyze the other advantages guaranteed by certified e-mail. Unlike a registered letter, a PEC message will be sent and received in a few seconds comfortably from the PC without queuing up at the post office and, thanks to the receipts of sending and receiving, you will have the immediate certainty that the message is in the recipient's box. Moreover, it will be easier to store and archive certified mail messages in compliance with the law than paper mail.