The Crown 5: here’s who plays Prince William

The fifth season of The Crown is being cast and a very important role has been assigned: who is the actor who will play the teenage Prince William

The casting for the fifth season of The Crown, the exciting series about life at the court of Queen Elizabeth II in the United Kingdom, is almost over. The upcoming season will feature new characters in addition to the queen, Prince Charles and Lady Diana, including Prince William in his teenage days.

The role of William would finally be cast, which continues while production on the TV series about British royals has already begun. The young prince will be played by Senan West, 13-year-old actor, but most importantly the son of Dominic West, that is, the actor who in the fifth season of The Crown plays Prince Charles, after inheriting the role from Josh O'Connor, who won an Emmy for his performance. To see the new episodes of The Crown fans will still have to be patient: it will arrive exactly in a year's time streaming on Netflix, that is, not before November 2022.

The Crown 5: the plot

The plot of the fifth season of the popular television series has not yet been revealed, but it will certainly focus on the history of the British Crown in the nineties. The fourth season, in fact, focused on the resignation of Margaret Thatcher, with the appointment of John Major as prime minister, and the wedding and the arrival of the children of Prince Charles and Lady Diana.

As each series tells the story of a decade of the British crown, this time it will be the period 1990-2000, which for the royal family was full of events. It will talk about the relationship between Charles and Diana, until the divorce in 1996, and the relationship with their sons: Princes William and Harry. It is not yet clear if the fifth season will end with the divorce in 1996, or it could also talk about the tragic death of Diana Spencer in 1997.

The Crown 5: the cast

The casting for the fifth season of The Crown is proceeding and now we know the main actors. Queen Elizabeth will be played by Imelda Staunton, after having had the face of Claire Foy and Olivia Colman. Prince Philip will be Jonathan Pryce, while Princess Margaret is played by Lesley Manville and Prime Minister John Major is Jonny Lee Miller.

Prince Charles on the other hand is played by Dominic West and his own 13-year-old son, Senan West, will play the role of his son: Prince William. Princess Diana will be played by Elizabeth Debicki and Dodi Al Fayed will be played by The Kite Runner actor Khalid Abdalla.

The Crown 5: when will it arrive

The filming of The Crown 5 has already begun and Netflix has already announced the arrival of streaming on its platform: fans of the TV series about the British royals will have to wait until November 2022 for the new episodes.