The Crown, twist: also renewed for a sixth season

Peter Morgan, author of the TV series, has surprisingly announced the arrival of The Crown 6. The story could go all the way back to the 2000s. Here's all the news

The Crown, the TV series that tells the life of Queen Elizabeth II and her Royal Family will have six seasons. This was a surprise announcement by Peter Morgan, the creator of the TV series, from his Twitter channel. The TV series was supposed to end with the fifth season, but Netflix preferred to extend it with a sixth season.

There were no doubts, also because the title has been acclaimed by critics and audiences since the first episodes. To give an extra intensity, the interpretations of the leading actresses who have followed one another in the first seasons: Claire Foy and Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth, but also John Lithgow as Winston Churchill and Helena Bonham-Carter, who played Princess Margaret. The cast has brought the TV series numerous awards, including three Golden Globes. It is therefore not surprising that the authors and producers have decided to extend the TV series and tell the story of the British Royal Family up to the beginning of 2000.

Why will The Crown have a sixth season?

The TV series has had several evolutions: in January 2020, Peter Morgan announced that it would end with a fifth season, despite originally planning six. But yesterday, in a surprise, he announced with a tweet the decision taken together with the production company, which is to extend the series to six seasons, thus resuming the original idea.

The announcement was clear and concise: "News from the palace: we can confirm that there will be a sixth (and final) season of The Crown, in addition to the five announced previously. Morgan then clarified that five seasons are not enough to tell the long and complex life of the queen and that therefore will continue until a sixth.

What will tell The Crown 6

In his post, Peter Morgan also added that the series will not come up to date, because it would not be able to tell the present in detail.

According to some rumors, however, the extension of the plot will allow to get up to the 2000s. We could then see on the small screen the first meetings between Willliam and Kate Middleton and maybe even witness the presentation of the future wife of the prince to his grandmother. Surely the relationship between Meghan Markle and Harry will not be narrated and neither the famous Megxit, as well as there will be no pandemic, quarantine and the events of recent months.

In the meantime, the filming of the fourth season is finished just before the forced isolation and this will allow to launch it after the summer or at least these should be the intentions of the platform.

The Crown: who will play Queen Elizabeth?

Olivia Colman, one of the most beloved interpreters of Queen Elizabeth will return in the fourth season; in the fifth season Imelda Staunton will play her majesty. We have already seen the actress play the famous character of Dolores Umbridge in Harry Potter while Lesley Manville will join her in the role of Princess Margaret in place of Helena Bonham-Carter.

How to watch The Crown in streaming

For the moment you can watch the first three seasons of The Crown on Netflix. Just subscribe to the service and directly access the platform via smart TV and search for the title. Also, you can connect to the online platform from a computer or access the Netflix app from smartphones or other mobile devices. Even those with consoles can watch Netflix on TV, just install the app and enter your login credentials.