The Day on Messenger, how to use the new feature

The new feature the Day will allow you to share on Messenger with your friends images and videos that will disappear after 24 hours

After Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger also has a feature that allows you to share images "timed" that disappear after twenty-four hours. Compared to its "brothers" the new feature on the messaging service will take the name of the "Day on Messenger".

The operation is very similar to that already seen in recent days for Facebook Stories and WhatsApp Status. Within Messenger, the user will be able to launch the camera (renewed for the occasion with over 5000 filters), take a picture or make a video and share it with their friends for 24 hours only. It will appear in a special space at the top of the application. If you have some experience with Facebook and Instagram Stories, it will be super easy to use Days on Messenger. With the release of the feature, continues the "fight" of Facebook against Snapchat, the most important competitor on U.S. soil.

How Days work on Messenger

(Taken from press release)

The operation of Days on Messenger is very simple. After logging into their account, the user can launch the camera by directly pressing the sun icon in the center of the screen or tap the triangle at the top with the words Add to your Day. After taking the photo or making the video, you can add special effects, filters and text to make the image more fun. Pressing the arrow at the bottom right will add the Day to your Messenger account and all your friends will be able to see it for 24 hours.

The features of Days on Messenger

If you don't want to share the Day with all your friends, you can decide who to share it with or who to send it to. Even in these cases, the duration of the photo is always 24 hours. Moreover, you will be able to share among your Facebook Day also the images taken directly from conversations with your friends.

The rollout of the new feature will start today in the United States and in a short time it will be available worldwide.

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