The Earth is round, Google Maps says so

Google Maps desktop updates with a new visual called "3D Globe Mode" that shows the Earth in three dimensions, instead of on a flat map

If anyone still had any doubts about the sphericity of the Earth (the theory that the Earth is flat conquers new followers every day, despite images and videos that prove otherwise) now they will have to think again for good: Google Maps has introduced a new visual that shows our Planet in three dimensions.

The desktop version of Google Maps has been updated with the new view "3D Globe Mode" that allows users to appreciate the true size of the various states and the sphericity of our planet. The view was already present on Google Earth and now the Mountain View company has decided to include it in its own map service. The "3D Globe Mode" view will offer a more realistic representation of the various states, eliminating the distortions present in the 2D view.

What changes with the new version of Google Maps Desktop

The new version of Google Maps is already available in Italy and you just need to access the service from your computer's browser to see the Earth in three dimensions. Google has decided to introduce the "3D Globe Mode" view to solve a problem that Google Maps has had for several years: the distortions caused by the flat map. For example, Greenland showed dimensions similar to the African continent, but in reality the Ice Island is much smaller than Africa (ratio of 1:15). Thanks to the 3D view, these problems have been solved and the terraplanters will have to put their soul in peace: the Earth is round, even Google Maps says so.