The effects of Brexit on soccer? There are already on a video game

In the new version of the managerial game for aspiring coaches will be simulated different options, financial and legal, related to the exit of the United Kingdom from Europe

So well done that it seems real. This is the goal that for years has pushed the developers of Football Manager to constantly improve one of the most popular soccer management games. This time, however, those at Sports Interactive have surpassed themselves by including Brexit in the latest version of Football Manager.

The effects of Brexit in the game.

The first effects of the decision of the referendum to leave the United Kingdom from Europe will begin to be seen from March 2017. That's why Football Manager has hypothesized some scenarios related to the world of soccer, in particular the market. Ripercussioni finanziare o legali che nel gioco metteranno in maggiore difficoltà gli aspiranti manager appassionati o meno della Premier League. Gli sviluppatori di Sports Interactive hanno ipotizzato alcune scelte che potrebbe prendere la lega calcio inglese in merito alla vicenda. Suddividendo principalmente in un’opzione di Brexit “morbida” e in una “dura”.

Diverse opzioni di gioco

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L’annuncio della Brexit in Football Manager 2017

In caso, tramite notifica, venissimo avvisati della scelta nel Regno Unito di una Brexit “morbida”, allora i problemi legati al mercato sarebbero minimi, in quanto resterebbe la libera circolazione dei calciatori professionisti. In caso contrario con la Brexit “dura” potremmo tesserare giocatori europei considerandoli come extracomunitari in rosa. There could also be special permissions in the game, in a random way. For example, it could happen that footballers are considered as simple "entertainers" and that in spite of the "hard" Brexit they could continue to transfer with fewer constraints, compared to other workers.

The innovation at the base of Football Manager

"If we already had these rules in place - explains Miles Jacobson, the director of Football Manager - the transfers of N'Golo Kante and Dimitri Payet would not have happened so easily. The sense of this new option, as well as simulating reality, is to make the game even more difficult and unpredictable". A game so real and well-structured that it has now become a virtual scouting system for years even for the big European soccer clubs.