The essential accessories for a camera

The advantage of digital cameras is the possibility to customize their performance, buying a range of accessories according to your needs and the results you want to achieve. The offer on the market is quite wide, in fact you can find many devices including cases, external flashes, spare batteries, speakers and tripods, however it is important to choose compatible products, with a good quality-price ratio and suitable for the desired purposes. Let's see what are the best accessories for a camera, with some must-have items for SLRs and mirrorless cameras from the cheapest to the most expensive.

What accessory to buy for your camera

Choosing the right accessories for SLRs and mirrorless cameras is not easy, in fact you have to take into account a number of important aspects. First of all, you need to consider the quality of the digital camera, your own level and personal expectations, trying to get a setting appropriate to the type of goals you want to achieve. In addition to the camera and lenses, in fact, there are several products that can change the performance of the device to improve the performance of shooting or recording video.

For example, an essential product is the bag, to keep tidy both the camera and all the equipment, however it is necessary to check the size, the quality of the fabric and the presence of pockets for various devices to carry with you. An external flash or a lighting system is equally important, especially if you opt for directional and adjustable models, a feature often absent in systems built into the equipment and included in the basic kit by the manufacturer.

At the same time it is essential to buy at least a tripod, to improve stability and also use features such as remote shooting, possibly adding a wireless remote control. Also, don't forget spare batteries and memory cards, so you'll never run out of charge or storage space. As for the brands, you can choose original or compatible products, always checking that your SLR or mirrorless model is supported, so that the performance of the accessory is guaranteed without restrictions.

Best accessories for SLRs

SLRs are professional devices more complete and expensive, which in spite of mirrorless have larger dimensions for the presence of the mirror between the sensor and the lens. Let's see what are some of the best accessories for SLR cameras that you absolutely must have.

JZK Rain Cover

Among the best SLR accessories an essential product is the JZK Rain Cover, a model designed specifically for professional digital cameras (you can find it on Amazon). The cover allows you to adequately protect the entire device, and is compatible with Nikon, Sony, Panasonic, Canon, Olympus and many other devices. With the cover you are able to protect from rain both the camera and the lens, the latter up to a maximum of 32 cm. In addition to water, the canvas also protects the SLR from dust, sand and other particles, proving to be an essential product for outdoor shooting.

Air Blower with cleaning kit UES 9

When you own a quality camera is essential to keep it clean, preventing dirt and particles can infiltrate the mechanical parts and damage the device or reduce its performance. For the maintenance of the SLR you can buy an air blower with cleaning kit UES 9, a set of accessories needed to keep the device always in perfect condition. Inside the kit are included a professional optical pen, with which to absorb dirt from the hardest to reach points, to remove oil and dust machines thanks to the action of carbon, the pads to clean the APS-C sensors and the practical air blower essential for internal components. Buy it on Amazon at the best price.

Case AmazonBasics

One of the indispensable products for those who own an SLR is the case holder, a bag inside which to put both the camera and accessories. One of the best-selling models is the AmazonBasics model, obviously available on Amazon, characterized by an excellent value for money and compatible with almost all SLRs with zoom lens mounted up to 110 mm. The bag is made of waterproof EVA, with a structure that allows you to hold it upright when it is resting on the ground, with three pockets for accessories, two slots dedicated to SD memory cards and internal dimensions of 16.5 x 19.1 x 15 cm.

Flash with diffuser Neewer

To optimize every shot made with your SLR is important to have a flash with diffuser, an essential accessory in many contexts. For example, the Neewer kit, available for purchase on Amazon, includes a number of really useful products, including the diffuser, Speedlite 750 II flash and 12 color filters, ensuring maximum compatibility with Nikon cameras including the D7200, D50, D80 and many others. The 105mm flash is powerful and features ISO 100 sensitivity, supporting TTL, Multi and S2 systems, the diffuser eliminates shadows and improves light density, while the color filters allow you to perfect color and can be used on so many occasions.

K&F tripod

Of course, one accessory for the SLR you need to buy is the tripod, an essential support for taking perfect photographs, panoramic landscapes and recording flawless videos. One of the most popular models is the K&F tripod, proposed with a bag for transporting it on the go, made of aluminum alloy with a folding and lightweight structure. This product allows you to reach a maximum height of 2 meters, starting from a minimum of 45 cm, supports a load of up to 8 kg and is fully adjustable to suit your needs, with ball mechanism to rotate 360 degrees, multifunction system to turn it into a monopod and a weight of just 1.44 kg. Buy it on Amazon.

Best Mirrorless Camera Accessories

Mirrorless cameras are lighter, more compact and easier to use digital devices than SLRs, which is why they are often preferred by amateurs, although some models are capable of extremely advanced performance. Here are the best mirrorless camera accessories to buy now.

Sandisk SD Memory Card

With digital cameras one of the most common problems is storage space, plus you have to consider that memory cards can also get damaged or broken. The ideal solution is to always have spare SD cards with you, even to perform safety backups, so one of the accessories for mirrorless cameras to buy is definitely a quality card like the Sandisk Extreme Pro 64GB (it's available on Amazon). This class 10 microSDXC boasts a read speed of up to 170 MB/s and write speed of 90 MB/s, is perfect for recording videos in Ultra HD 4K quality and works even in extremely harsh conditions, such as in high or low temperatures, resists X-rays and water splashes.

Pholsy Wireless Remote Shutter Release Remote Control

One of the best digital camera accessories is the Pholsy Wireless Remote Shutter Release Remote Control, a device with which to remotely control the release of the shutter. This model, offered on Amazon, is available for many Nikon, Fujifilm, Canon, Fuji, Olympus, Sony and Panasonic devices, supports autofocus functionality, continuous or single shot, delay and BULB mode. Operation is either wired, through the special cable, or wireless with 2.4 GHz signal transmission and coverage up to a maximum of 80 meters.

Commlite CM-L50BII LED Panel

Among the best accessories for mirrorless cameras is the Commlite CM-L50BII LED Panel, a dimmable and universal camera lighting system with 50 LEDs and also compatible with smartphones. The mount can be installed directly on the device, otherwise there is a practical handle for the phone, with 3 different filters to apply to get a blue, orange or white scenario. The brightness is adjustable in 8 levels and reaches up to 6880 lux, while the autonomy is guaranteed up to 18 hours. Buy it now on Amazon.

Patona Battery Charger

Although they are equipped with pretty powerful batteries, prolonged use of mirrorless cameras requires a supply of spare batteries always charged and ready to use, to avoid running out of battery power just when you need it. The best solution is to buy a charger with extra batteries, for example by choosing this complete set from Patona (find out the price on Amazon). The kit features a dual charger with microUSB, with 5V and 2.1A input and 8.4V output with 700 or 500 mA, there's an LED charge level indicator and two LP-E17 lithium batteries compatible with many Canon cameras, such as the EOS 200D, M5 and Rebel T6i.

Rode VideoMicro Directional Microphone

To record ambient noise, or audio in a video for streaming, an interview or any other type of shooting, the most efficient option is to buy a directional microphone. Among the best-selling models is the Rode VideoMicro, one of the most popular accessories for mirrorless cameras, a really light and compact device that's quite easy to use, connectable with a 3.5 mm audio jack cable, characterized by a weight of just 42 grams and a length of 80 mm. No batteries are needed, in fact the power supply is that of the camera, it has a frequency response from 100 Hz to 20 kHz and an elastic stand included in the package. Buy the microphone on Amazon.