The Facebook smartwatch will have a rear camera

The Facebook smartwatch will have two cameras to establish itself as the most social on the market, and as a credible alternative to the Apple Watch.

Interesting details are starting to arrive about the first Facebook smartwatch, not yet officially confirmed by Zuckerberg and partners even if rumors are professing sure that it will arrive in all probability during the summer of 2022, unless sudden swerves or unpredictable events such as it was the pandemic for all those products launched from a year ago.

The idea that moved the project is the intention of the Facebook group in putting on people's wrist a connected object as autonomous as possible from smartphones, to realize Zuckerberg's plan to build devices that reduce the "dependence" on Google and Apple, the two main owners of the systems used by smartphones that control much of the ability of Facebook to reach its audience. The company, in short, aims to gain greater autonomy, as well as bargaining power against those companies, such as Apple, which have not hesitated to adopt aggressive rules on privacy protection, damaging Facebook and other social that on the contrary would prefer a different balance.

The reference is Apple Watch

The Facebook smartwatch should therefore be a well-equipped device to compete with the industry leader, the Apple Watch. According to information gathered by a number of Facebook employees who remained anonymous, the smartwatch on which they are working would have, needless to say, two cameras for photos and videos to share then quickly and easily on Facebook but also on other services such as Instagram controlled by the social group.

One of the two cameras that should find place in the Facebook smartwatch, the one closest to the wearer, would be dedicated to video calls, while the second camera with video recording capabilities in 1080p and autofocus would serve to capture content to share, with the possibility - it is said - to be able to separate the sensor from the frame to frame the scene in the best way.

The Facebook smartwatch will be for everyone

To undermine the Apple Watch's position, however, the Facebook smartwatch can't just focus on instant sharing via social. They know it well in Menlo Park, where in fact they are designing a device that can better manage notifications and record data on physical activity through a heart rate monitor, as well as a number of other features that would make it an all-round smartwatch to be proposed not only to those who use social media in a massive way.

Supporting this approach is the fact that Facebook would be working alongside major U.S. operators to equip its smartwatch with 4G connectivity, but it can't be ruled out that, coming in 2022, it could hook into 5G infrastructure to be future-proof. The smartwatch would arrive in three colors - white, black and gold - and there is the intention for future generations of the most social smartwatch of all to integrate it as best as possible with the smart glasses that have been in development for some time: Zuckerberg is convinced that one day devices similar to Google Glass will be as widespread as smartphones.

Finally, there are rumors that the Facebook smartwatch could be offered at figures close to $400, but it's hard to be more precise than that a year after the presentation.